Weight gain using beetroot -Why does this happen?


If you’re planning on losing weight then you already have a plan on what foods to eat and which juices to drink. Beetroot is supposed to help you lose weight but you might find yourself having weight gain using beetroot.

Weight gain can happen if you are not consuming enough calories, if you are juicing with things that are high in sugar causing you to feel hungry and over-eat, or when you are not eating solid food.

Apart from being a great veggie beetroot is also packed with different vitamins and minerals that give you many health benefits. You can incorporate beetroot in your diet to help you shed some calories.

Drink beetroot juice can boost your energy levels to help you exercise more for longer. Usually, beetroots are either eaten when boiled, roasted, or eaten raw in salads or juices which makes it easier to consume. If your diet is full of added sugars, you risk gaining weight.

Beetroot is also good in improving your digestion. It contains a lot of fiber which helps your body digest the food and regulates your bowel movement in the colon by feeding the friendly gut bacteria adding bulk to your poo. This way your body gets rid of toxic waste keeping your body healthy and you get to lose some weight.

The fiber in beetroot helps to remove bad cholesterol and leave you fuller which curbs your cravings. Beets have a lot of water which leaves you hydrated because if you’re dehydrated you might think you’re hungry and cause you to eat and add on weight.

Weight Gain Using Beetroot

However, is there any chance that you might have weight gain using beetroot? Beetroot is very low in calories because it contains a lot of water. Fruits and vegetables are good for weight loss because they contain very little calories which is what you should keep your eye on when losing weight.

Consuming fewer calories daily will help you lose weight but the opposite can happen and you will gain weight instead.Beetroot smoothies and juice

Drinking fruit juices isn’t a good idea if you’re trying to lose weight because they contain a lot of sugar and little fiber. Beetroot contains 9g of sugar per glass and you need more than one glass to make the juice. Juicing stripes off a lot of fiber and retains most of the sugar. Sugar raises your insulin levels which will cause you to feel hungry and overeat.

On the other hand, beet smoothies are excellent because you retain all the fiber and you can include other veggies, greens, and other ingredients to increase your protein content. Also when making smoothies you add a liquid instead of using the fruit juice as the base.

Watch this for some beetroot juice recipes for losing weight.

Other Reasons Why You Might Gain Weight with Beetroot

1. You’re juicing the same thing every time

When juicing it’s important to remember not to juice the same thing for more than three days because your body starts getting used to the same type of nutrients. This makes your body not to effectively absorb the enzymes and nutrients.

2. You’re drinking your juice on a full stomach

Drinking your healthy juice on a full stomach disrupts the digestive system which slows your metabolism. Drinking on an empty stomach helps to absorb and digest the nutrients which leave you full of healthy food.

3. You’re not taking solid foods

When you don’t eat solid foods you slow down your metabolism and when you eat too little your body stores it as fat. Eating fruits, nuts, and healthy salads plus the juice will help you lose weight properly.

So, are you still trying to lose weight, try beetroot

Beetroot is a wonderful veggie that can help you lose weight. Rich in fiber and low in calories, beetroot will help reduce your hunger pangs and still provide your body with nutrients.

However, there are ways you can prepare the juice that can cause you to gain weight instead of losing it. Preparing the same juice over and over isn’t a good idea, also not eating solid food will defeat the whole purpose of losing weight. Smoothies are good because they contain fiber.


Is it safe to drink beetroot juice every day?

It’s recommended that you drink at most 2 glasses of beetroot juice daily in order to get all the nutrients your body needs daily. Eating solid food will help to prevent weight gain, as your metabolism shuts down if you eat too little.

What does beetroot do to the body?

Beetroot contains nitrates that are converted to nitric oxide which helps in relaxing your blood vessels which increases blood flow and oxygen lowering your blood pressure. Its dietary fiber is good if you’re trying to lose weight.

How long before exercise should I drink beetroot juice?

Nitric oxide is at its highest in your blood within 2-3 hours after you’ve drunk beetroot juice. So it’s recommended you drink beetroot juice around 150 minutes before an intense workout.

What happens if you eat beetroot every day?

Because beets are packed with vitamins, proteins, and minerals, you get healthy nutrients that are good for your body. There are also some side effects that may occur.

Is beetroot fattening or good for weight loss?

Taking beet juice early in the morning or an hour before you eat breakfast is best so that you get all the nutritional value. It contains fiber that helps in keeping you fuller and cleansing your colon for better digestion. It is considered low in saturated fat and calories.