Why Beets are Good for Your Skin

If you’re hoping to attain radiant and youthful skin that looks like it’s glowing from the inside? The solution lies within a beetroot. Why are beets good for your skin? Read on to find out.

I am Natalie Platt, and as an esthetician, most clients coming in with problematic skin. When I’m done, they are overjoyed by the glow and how refreshed their skin feels. However, there’s one comment I always get.“I wish I had your skin; you look like you’re glowing from the inside.”

Early in life, I learned the benefits of beets. It is something I advise my clients to eat, drink and to use as part of their skincare routine. Here’s why.

Why are beets good for your skin?

beets and skin

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Beets have earned the title of superfood in the past few years, but I want you to know it is more than a fad. This root vegetable is best had raw as cooking it removes most of the nutrients. For that reason, most people either have beets in salads or as a juice.

Beets have the power to stimulate your cell production and also repair the skin. That happens because beets carry with them antioxidants that fight of free radicals which cause a person to experience premature aging of their skin. The result is you are left with skin protected from aging effects that include fine lines and wrinkles.

Equally, beets are known for giving you an even skin tone due to the Vitamin C it contains. If you have an issue with blemishes and pigmentation, taking beet juice is an equally effective way to improve your skin. When you take beets daily, in a few months, you will have that youthful skin you wish to have. The time can be significantly shorter if you typically eat a healthy diet.

When taking beet juice, you, of course, have to add water. That then keeps you hydrated. Experiments both in the lab and from people’s experiences show that taking the recommended daily water intake is enough to leave your skin looking brighter.

In addition to the facts provided above, there are more benefits of beetsthan to the anti-aging properties it carries. The best way to attain this is however through drinking beet juice and a weekly application of the same on your skin.

Should I eat/drink it or apply it on my skin

Beauty comes from the inside. As an esthetician, I recommend eating a beet daily either in a salad, or, if you cannot stand the taste, a juice with other ingredients to sweeten it. The primary concern of applying beets is it causes stains. Most skin recipes recommend applying them once a week and at night over the weekend.

There are some benefits in the long term, but they are more evident in fair people as it gives them a pinkish hue. Applying it to the skin can also reduce pore size and dark spots. You can use other ingredients such as sour cream, lime juice oryogurt if you wish to minimize the coloration. Using a binding agent is best to avoid shredded beets or the juice dripping all over your bathroom and causing a mess.

When making the juice, one is advised to leave the pulp inside because it has fiber and is fantastic for digestion. If the taste is overpowering, you can add carrots, oranges, apples or pineapples. The list is not exhaustive; you can pair it with any fruit you like that would help make it sweeter. The best time to take beet juice is an hour before breakfast. You should make it fresh so that you get the most out of it and not risk getting unwell from stale beet juice.

Final thoughts

Why are beets good for your skin? Well, the evidence points to youthful skin at whatever age. They work because they deal with the initial cause of aging skin, blemishes and pigmentation. Whether eaten as a salad or in a beet juice, you are guaranteed to reap the benefits in just a few days. The plus side is you get more out of it, not only for getting great skin.

People also ask

Do beets help with acne?

Beets are also known for their anti-inflammatory benefits and therefore ideal for fighting acne. Additionally, given they detoxify the blood they help clear some of the factors that cause acne.

What can you mix beet juice with for maximum benefits?

Carrots work best with beets because they clear the body of toxins too. Additionally, they contain potassium which helps in reducing skin dryness and acne. Overall, it helps clear your complexion.

Are there side effects to taking or applying beets?

The answer is yes. If you have other physical conditions, it is advised that you first talk to your physician. Some cases where beets are problematic are when you already have low blood pressure or kidney stones. It can also cause rashes in some rare cases. Excessive consumption can also cause problems. Stick to one beet per day to be on the safe side.

When is the best time to take beet juice?

You can drink beet juice any time of say. However, if you want to attain maximum benefit, take them first thing in the morning. The benefits of doing so include maintaining your blood pressure and aiding in digestion throughout the day.