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Why beets are good for your health

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Are beets just another craze or are they the real deal? Here we breakdown why beets are good for your health. You’ll know why it earned that status of a superfood when it’s typically not everyone’s first choice.

Let’s get into why beets are so good for you.

What is beetroot good for in the body?

This question is what we call loaded. However, we first have to acknowledge that not everyone is a fan of beets. The earthy flavor it has either makes you love it or hate it. There are several benefits that I will highlight belowfrom the many.

Lowering blood pressure

Research tells us that taking eight ounces of beet juice daily reduces your overall blood pressure. The reason behind that is the nitrates found in beetroots. When digested, the body converts it to nitric acid. Its purpose is said to help both to widen and relax one’s blood vessels. Nitrates remain in the blood for about six hours after eating. That means a regular consumption of beets should keep your blood pressure in check if you are at risk of heart failure, heart attack or stroke.

Shown to support brain health

A study by Wake Forest University showed beet juice supplements help older people’s brain perform better when taken before a workout. When their brains are observed after, the researchers said that their brains look like that of a young person. When the nitrate in the beets gets ingested, it produces nitric oxide which is responsible for increasing blood flow in the brain. Tests are underway to determine if they can help fight dementia.


Beets are packed with a lot of good stuff that’s fantastic for your body. It contains vitamin A, B6 and C, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. Another fact is that it contains folic acid that aids in the prevention of congenital disabilities in a child. It is also quite a fantastic source of fiber that both helps your body absorb nutrients and help with digestion.

Potentially beneficial to treating inflammation

Obesity, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases can cause a person to have chronic inflammation. The pigment that gives beetroots its color, betalains, contains anti-inflammatory properties. Again, as with other tests on beetroots, rats are typically the subjects. What they have found however is it is best when reducing inflammation to the kidney and osteoarthritis. As promising as that is, there needs to be a human study to ascertain these claims.

Boosting energy and endurance

Why beets are good for your health

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Data shows that taking beet juice two hours before a workout boots your performance levels. That’s because it gives you energy as a result of the nitrate levels in your system. Beetroots are also a go-to vegetable for athletes. The nitric oxide improves the mitochondria efficiency; that where location within a cell that produces energy.

Contains anti-cancer properties

Though tests are currently conducted on animals, the beets potential to reduce tumor formation in multiple organs is promising. Tests are also being performed on humans in how beetroot extracts can potentially aid in the treatment of prostate, pancreatic and breast cancer.

Liver support

Beets have shown to be an excellent detoxifier due to the betaine compound it contains. Its purpose is to reduce and even prevent the buildup of fatty deposits that appear on the liver for various reasons. If you have high cholesterol or other toxins, beets can help remove them from the liver.

Could improve digestive health

As mentioned, beets contain fiber that is known for its importance in aiding digestion. The fiber content is enough to get your digestion back on track. It gives the colon good bacteria and helps you pass stool indicative of a healthy digestive system. Without fiber, once faces constipation, diverticulitis or inflammatory bowel disease or get other chronic diseases.

Final words: Are red beets good for your body?

The answer is yes, given the reasons highlightedand many more. In some case, there is indeed more studies required, but preliminary finding is indicative of the claims made. I hope that you’re now able to look at beets differently and embrace them as part of your diets for a healthier life.

People also ask

Why are beets bad for you?

This is a question asked by skeptics of beets, but it is with good reason. Beets have been shown to worsen existing health conditions in some people. Should you experience any symptoms after taking beets for the first time, stop and visit your physician.

Is it safe to drink beetroot juice every day?

It is safe to drink beets daily, but one should only have one beet daily. As with everything, too much can indeed be bad.

Are pickled beets good for you to eat?

One cannot always get fresh beetroots. Pickling does keep in all the nutrients in the beets, something our ancestors did. Therefore one can eat pickled beets and still get all the benefits.

What are the benefits of beetroots for men?

Studies show that men who have erectile dysfunction can benefit from taking beet juice. Read here for more information.