Best Cat Exercise Wheels

Perhaps if pandas weren’t around, the laziest animals are cats. They spend 16 hours or more of their lives sleeping. When they are awake, they are more likely to just be lounging as you stroke through their furs or eating.

While they are so cute when they are sleeping and we can’t help but take a photo of them, we must realize just how important moving is for them just as it is for us. Exercise is vital to a cat’s overall health.

Hunting like activities will keep her weight down and help her work off extra energy. Playtime is important for their wellbeing, as well – it keeps them from being bored and depressed. And, you’d want to avoid that as it may lead to bigger health and behavioural issues.

This is where the best cat exercise wheels come in the picture.

What is a Cat Exercise Wheel?

As the name suggests, cat exercise wheels are simple wheels where cats can run or walk for either exercise or play. It is like a hamster wheel, except bigger, where the wheel turns from the weight of the cat. They are relatively helpful to keep indoor cats active.

With wheels specifically designed for cats to run or walk on, they are a great tool for cats who otherwise don’t have the space to run around and burn a lot of energy. They can step on the wheel for a walk and burn calories.

There are cat exercise wheels that are designed for one cat use. Others are designed for multiple cats to use at the same time.

Why Should Your Cat Use a Cat Exercise Wheel?

A lot of cats are kept in homes that are either tiny apartments or flats where they can’t get much opportunity to run in the outdoors to burn off extra fat. As a result, they may develop diseases like diabetes.

Cat exercise wheels offer plenty of benefits to both you and your cat. With such, they can burn calories and improve health without leaving the house. Regular exercise improves the feline’s joint flexibility. It also helps in reducing the risk of experiencing heart diseases.

Mental illnesses and depression in cats are also caused by not too many activities and exercise. Thus, using the exercise wheel can help lessen their chances of experiencing these issues. The right amount of physical movements for the cat can do a huge deal of improving your cat’s mood and behavior.

Having a cat exercise wheel also benefits cat owners in a way that they are assured their cats are getting enough amount of physical activity they need to stay happy and healthy.

Best Cat Exercise Wheels Review

While cat exercise wheels are a relatively new product, they are slowly increasing their popularity especially that they are a lifesaver for indoor cats. As they have gone popular, the number of cat wheels in the market has increased, too. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some of the best we found.

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is the most popular and effective exercise machine for cats.

ONE FAST CAT Exercise Wheel (Leopard Print)


First, it is designed according to smart industrial so it can ship or retail in a very small box (34″x12″x12″). It also weighs just about 24 lbs. And it can be assembled pretty quickly right outside the box. Plus it is sturdy and lightweight and can be moved around easily.

The surface where the cat runs is made from closed-cell EVA foam that prevents their claws from catching, the same way it allows them to run naturally using their claws for safe footing. The majority of the materials used to build this wheel are recycled plastics, so you are not just helping your cat but the environment, too.


  • Can support 25 lbs
  • Easy to clean
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • Can get loud when used at high speeds

Cat in Motion

Cat in Motion has been designed to ensure it is back-friendly with the use of training and playing devices for cats. This cat exercise wheel caters to all cats from the most athletic to the aerobically challenged one.


Weighing at about 26 lbs, this can be easily moved around. Deconstructing is easy too if needed to be stored. This is helpful especially that it can take a good amount of space as it measures 51” x 56” x 12”.

This wheel is available in a wide range of colors: anthracite, grey, maroon, and chestnut red. It has cushioned EVA foam meaning you won’t worry about your cat’s pounding feet making too much noise.


  • Ball-bearing rollers making a semi-quiet wheel
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Easy to assemble and clean


  • Some users reported that this wheel broke easily

Catswall Catwheel II

The biggest of all cat wheels, Catswall Catwheel has an extra-wide track so it can fit up to three cats side by side. Ideal for multi-cats household, it is durable and it comes fully assembled. Just unpack and you and your cat are good to go.

Your cat’s daily activities will be enriched with Catswall Catwheel’s new design that features a new wheelbase for reduced running noise. Its aesthetics can instantly blend well with your home décor. They come in different colors and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Catswall Catwheel’s improved stability helps keep your cat’s spine from injury while he runs.


  • Its wide running track allows up to 3 cats to run side by side
  • Features a feather attachment to attract your cat’s attention
  • No assembly required


  • One of the most expensive options on the market

The Maclaw Wheel

Maclaw wheels stand out in terms of cat wheel creation. The founders Allan and Jacqueline Hodgson craft each wheel by hand, including decoration. Both are very involved with every step of the construction. From the time the item gets ordered until it gets delivered.

You can be sure that both construction and design are exceptionally good. You can tell these catwheels are labors of love just by looking at how they perform and its incredible patterns.

Maclaw wheels sit on a set of a wheel that is designed to spin on an axle in the middle of the wheel. The axle is then covered for (1) aesthetics and (2) to keep your cat away from danger. This is innovative since it ensures that all moving parts are out of your cat’s way while keeping it stable.


  • You can customize the design of the wheel
  • Spokes attract your cat to keep them moving
  • Rubber track is safe and comfortable for your cat


  • May have long lead times since they are not off-the-shelf products

GoPet Treadwheel

An excellent source of exercise for all pets, GoPet Treadwheel features a cushioned, durable matted surface that shields your pets’ footpads as they remain healthy by getting enough exercise at their own speed and timing.

GOPET Treadwheel for Small Dogs


GoPet Treadwheel is being marketed and sold as a dog toy product although it can very well suit cats, too. This treadwheel measures 44” x 30” x 40”. It showcases an optional “brake” that can regulate the tension. This allows your cat to have an option from light to heavy work out.

This is by far the best metal cat exercise wheel in the market. You won’t worry about leaving it outdoors as it is UV resistant.


  • Padded running surface to protect your cat’s paws
  • Two different sizes to choose from
  • Has a training door to keep pets from falling


  • The larger size may require more space

Mishap Pet Furniture, Cat Climbing Frame

Mishap Pet Furniture is the best wall mounted cat exercise wheel. It looks like a high-end wall decorative item. The design hoped to achieve taking none of the floor space. It comes with a sturdy bracket so you can hang it on the wall.

Measuring just over 31” in diameter, it comes with durable, bold, and scratch-resistant design. Mishap Pet Furniture will surely entice your cat to spend hours climbing, running, and exercising!



  • Doesn’t use floor space since it is hung on the wall
  • Large and can support big cats
  • Scratch-resistant and superior durability


  • May be difficult for those less handy to set up

Cat Exercise Wheel Buying Guide: Factors to Consider in Getting a Cat Exercise Wheel

There are numerous cat exercise wheels available in the market that it may be an overwhelming feeling when deciding which one to pick. Here are a few factors to consider.


Most cat exercise wheels are pricey. Think through how much you are willing to spend before you do your purchase. Assess the pros and cons and establish whether the wheel is worth it for your cat.

Cat’s Age

Older cats may not benefit from the exercise wheel. Their age may already have the health issues that will cause them to generally not enjoy the wheel. Talk to your vet before getting them a wheel. You might be getting them one that they can not really use in the end.


There are cat exercise wheels that are excessively large and may take up a lot of space. Think about the spot in your place where you want to position the wheel and see if it makes sense with your flat.

Human Interaction

Take note that cat exercise wheels do not supersede other forms of play and exercise for your cat. Especially the time you spend with them playing. Leaving your cat’s physical activities solely relying on cat exercise wheels may make them feel like they are being ignored.

Above these considerations are features and requirements you should set when you are looking for a cat exercise wheel. When you are trying to compare cat exercise wheels, make sure to know exactly what you are looking for. The basic factors are:

  • Weight Limits
  • Materials
  • Cleaning
  • Assembly
  • Additional Features

Helping Your Cat Enjoy the Cat Exercise Wheel

As with most things that you introduce to your cat, they will be skeptical to use it first. Be patient. Allow them to run their curiosity with it first. It may take them some time to get into the wheel. What’s important is that you should never force them to use it.

Rather, gently place them on the wheel when you notice that they are curious about it. Show them how to use it. Pet them while you do and speak in a calm manner and with an affirming voice for them to build a positive association with the wheel.

Give them treats when they use the exercise tool but remember that you are trying to put them into a healthy spot so doing that may make it counterproductive. Once your moggy is comfortable with the wheel, observe their behavior. Ensure that they don’t pick up an urge to start to use the wheel too much.

Final Words

Understanding your cat and finding out what they need and what they can do are the first things you need to do before choosing a cat exercise wheel. You wouldn’t want to get a catwheel that is too big when your cat is too small. Likewise, when the cat is too big and the catwheel, too small.

Be sure to get the measurements of your cat first. See if they will be active enough or If they can control how they run. There are those on the list that has features assisting in slowing down and increasing speed.

Remember that while some cats are naturals with catwheels, some, especially the older ones may take extra time to get the hang of it. Work with them so they get encouraged. Once they get comfortable using it, you will notice them almost not leaving the wheel