Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter (Here’s the Scoop)

The market has saturated us with so many choices for cat litters. There are so many they offer, each of which appeals to different kinds of use. With cats being part of our lives, we ensure they get the best of what they need, including the cat litter for their litter box.

However, there are times when the cost of making sure they have all the best can be too much. Cat litter, for one, is a necessity for a cat that can trigger allergic reactions, not just to them but for their owners, too.

Conventional cat litters are dusty and they stir up a lot of airborne particles that may irritate the nose and can cause sinus and respiratory flair-ups in people. These litters may comprise of additives or odors that can trigger your feline’s sensitive skin or your allergic nose.

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 40 pound bag ( Pack May Vary )

Even so, we can not just let them be out of cat litter. Thankfully, a lot of manufacturers have formulated cat litters that are hypoallergenic to both cats and humans. In this article, we’re going to tell you about the best hypoallergenic cat litters.

Cat Litter Allergies

Most cat litters have dust, additives, and fragrances that can be allergens to cats or humans. These allergens are allergy-causing substances. The immune system overreacts to allergens and in turn, triggers allergic reactions.

Allergic reactions can happen almost immediately or over time. Severe or mild. This means that even when the cat (or the human) has not exhibited any allergic reactions instantaneously, the aversion may still develop and show up any moment.

Symptoms of Litter Allergy in Cats

Aside from acting strange towards the litter box, cats may completely avoid it and start doing business in other areas of the house. Felines may also show the following symptoms, like:

  • Swelling of the nose
  • Coughing and severe scratching
  • Itchy skin due to scratching
  • Runny nose
  • Keeping off the litter box
  • Sneezing

Symptoms of Litter Allergy In Humans

Highly fragrant litters do not just cause allergic reactions to cats, but to humans, too. Symptoms of cat litter allergic reactions in humans include:

  • Sore throat
  • Scratchy throat
  • Trouble breathing
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Itchy skin
  • Sneezing

Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litters

Hypoallergenic cat litters are specially designed to keep you and your cat healthy. As your feline uses the litter box multiple times a day, they need one that won’t trigger their allergies. Cats experiencing flare-ups after every visit to their litter box may more likely start to eliminate outside their boxes.

Here are 5 hypoallergenic cat litters that you can try for your sensitive nose and your sensitive cat.

  • Ultra Litter by Dr. Elsey’s
  • Scent-free Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter by Boxiecat
  • Non-Clumping Formula – Coconut Cat Litter by CatSpot
  • Fresh and Light Premium Clumping Scoopable Cat Litter by Cat’s Pride
  • Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter by ökocat

#1. Ultra Litter by Dr. Elsey’s

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 40 pound bag ( Pack May Vary )


  • Comes in two different sizes: 18 lbs and 40 lbs
  • Low tracking formula
  • Ideal for mechanical litter boxes
  • Formulated by veterinarian
  • Tight clumping for stress-free scooping

Dr. Elsey’s aims to enhance the lives of our pets in which they can enrich ours. They do this by putting their heart and soul, combined with science to produce products that are not just about profit but pets and their well-being.

Among the different varieties of pet litter they offer, their best seller is the Ultra Litter. It has superior odor control and is suitable for multi-cat families. They also work best with mechanical litter boxes with automatic sifting capabilities.

Ultra Litter by Dr. Elsey’s has a unique formulation that joins together the heavy non-tracking granules of their Classic Litter with moderate grain clay. The mixture results in an excellent clumping litter that keeps moisture from getting to the bottom of the tray while running a clump that won’t break down.

This hypoallergenic cat litter is dustless and unscented, leaving you worry-free of kitties or other housemates with allergies. Its strength holds for multi-cats, so it won’t be a problem if you have 2 or more felines.

Ultra Litter by Dr. Elsey’s makes it as our top pick since it is a veterinary formulated, low tracking, and perfect for homes with more than one cat. It is a value for your money with its hard-clumping action that traps both fluids and odor, keeping your house smelling fresh and clean.


  • Multi-cat strength
  • High absorbency
  • Hard-clumping formula traps liquids and odor
  • Ideal for mechanical litter boxes
  • Non-tracking cat litter


  • Not the eco-friendliest cat litter option
  • Only available in large bags

#2. Scent-free Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter by Boxiecat

Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter, 16-pounds


  • Comes in 4 different types and sizes
           6.5 lbs Lightweight Clumping Formula
          11.5 lbs Lightweight Clumping Formula
          16 lb Clumping Clay Formula
          28 lb Clumping Clay Formula
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Lasts twice longer
  • 99.9% dust-free
  • Low-tracking granules

Do you know what makes BoxieCat successful with their products? The people behind the brand are cat people. They love cats more than anything. However, there is one thing they don’t like about cats – the annoying situations of litter care. The crumbly clumps, dust, and odors.

This chore brought them to create a cat litter themselves. Since they could not find the solution they wanted in the market, they developed one that is now one of the widely used in households whose members include felines.

Boxiecat Scent-free Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter uses the Flat Top™ technology that clumps instantly on the top of the litter box instead of soaking to the bottom. This allows for easy scooping and keeping the litter box ultra-clean throughout use.

This cat litter achieves exceptionally low dust levels with its advanced dust suppression process. It takes advantage of the unrivaled benefits of clay but taking on a more hygienic and healthier side. It is widely used and recommended that in 2012, it won the Cat Fancy 2012 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Cat Product of the Year.

Dust-free and unscented, this cat litter is highly effective at nurturing a refreshed, allergy-free, and healthy cats (and cat owner) of all ages.


  • Made with natural materials
  • Scoops easily, stays ultra clean
  • Eradicates ammonia odors
  • Resists tracking
  • For all litter box types


  • Particles are too heavy
  • More expensive than most brands
  • Clay sticks to paws, leaving paw marks on the floor

#3. Non-Clumping Formula – Coconut Cat Litter by CatSpot

CatSpot Litter, Non-Clumping Formula: Coconut Cat Litter, Biodegradable, All-Natural, Lightweight & Dust-Free


  • Comes in 1 size only of 5 lbs bag
  • All-natural, non-clumping litter made from coconut
  • Zero chemicals
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic

Launched in 2016, CatSpot was marketed as an organic, all-natural cat litter brand that uses just one ingredient – coconut. Currently, CatSpot offers two different varieties of their cat litter, the non-clumping, and the clumping.

The good thing about CatSpot is that their products work not just as a cat litter, but as a soil additive for your yard, garden, or your compost bin. CatSpot Cat Litters are all proudly US-made, 100% organic, and biodegradable.

CatSpot’s Non-Clumping Formula – Coconut Cat Litter is exactly what it says it is – organic and made only from coconut. Since the product is all-natural, you can be sure it is hypoallergenic. Its ingredient that comes only from coconut also makes it lightweight.

This cat litter absorbs up to 560% of its weight in liquid in every 5-lbs bag. It says a lot as it absorbs just the same amount of liquid as that of a 20-lbs bag of clay litter. Since it is formulated as non-clumping, it does not hold odor as much as most liters. Its lightweight characteristics also do not tend to track.

Scooping the cat litter daily can last you a good month of use. What’s best about it is that you can easily dispose of the used litter by dumping it to your plants or compost bin as a soil additive.


  • Made with 100% ground coconut shells
  • Absorbs up to 560% of its weight in liquid
  • Good for the cold and rainy season
  • Biodegradable, sustainable, and eco-friendly
  • Zero chemicals


  • Tracking issues
  • More expensive compared to clay litters
  • Not a clumping formula

#4. Fresh and Light Premium Clumping Scoopable Cat Litter by Cat’s Pride

Cat's Pride Fresh and Light Premium Clumping Fragrance Free Scoopable Cat Litter Jug, 15-Pound


  • Comes in 1 size of 15-lb jug
  • Strongest clumps
  • 99% Dust-free
  • 25% Lighter
  • Litter for Good Shelter Donation

Cat’s Pride has been around for over 75 years now. Since they started in 1941, when they began selling their first bag of Fuller’s Earth, they have continued to grow and develop. Several years later, the company is now headed by its 3rd-generation president who considers it a personal mission to improve the company.

Throughout the years, Oil-Dri Corporation of America (maker of Cat’s Pride) has remained dedicated to generating innovative and superior products. Their cat litter product is sourced processed, and produced in North America and has its own research and development center just outside of Chicago.

Their groundbreaking cat litter products like Fresh and Light Premium Clumping Scoopable Cat Litter are designed to tackle problems like going through the litter easily and controlling litter box odor. They are cheap and are 25% lighter than most clay litters.

Fresh and Light Premium Clumping Scoopable Cat Litter forms tight and hard clumps that are simple to scoop while locking away odors on contact. They are uniquely designed to trap odor instantly as it absorbs liquid quickly, too. Being an unscented litter, this is impressive in odor-controlling. It is free from fragrant and dyes, making it hypoallergenic for your cats and you.


  • Multi-cat formula traps odors on contact
  • Offers huge bargain for multiple purchases
  • Forms hard, tight clumps that are easy to scoop
  • No dust and no odor
  • Jug containers keep unused litter fresh


  • Tracks quite easily
  • Some litter are relatively lighter
  • Clumps do not hold together for too long

#5. Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter by ökocat

ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter, 14.8-Pound, Clumping for Long Hair Breeds


  • Comes in different sizes and Varieties
             >Long hair
             >Super Soft
  • 7-day Odor Control
  • Easy clean clumping
  • Dust-free
  • Biodegradable and flushable

The idea of natural cat litter, even from some years ago remains fairly new and foreign to a lot of cat owners. However, with its popularity, a lot of brands are joining the ranks of eco-consciousness and sustainability.

ökocat is one of those brands. Öko” is German for eco or ecological. A fitting name for a cat litter that is from salvaged and reclaimed wood and other environmental materials.

They have six different formulas to choose from. All providing biodegradable and eco-friendly options for cat-owners, for clumping and non-clumping cat litter. All formulations put forward a 7-day odor control technology where cat litter absorbs up to 500% its weight in liquid.

Ökocat, while belonging to a group of eco-conscious brands, stands different since they use reclaimed wood that is lightweight, absorbent, and odor-controlling. This makes them a step ahead from other brands that offer sub-par performance in clumping and odor-controlling.

Its sustainability and biodegradability come from the company’s original recipe that has been achieved for perfection over time. The used timber and lumber materials are protected by a patented technology called Odor Shield Technology. This binds and traps both liquid and smells for longer than most cat litters can.

The odor is usually the biggest allergen from cat litters. Therefore, ökocat made sure they focused on odor control. Even when used in a household with multi-cats, they still hold up to the challenge.


  • Works well for long hair cats
  • Super absorbent clumps
  • Made from 100% sustainable natural wood fibers
  • Lightweight and dust-free
  • Controls odors for 7 days without artificial fragrance


  • Feces clumps tend to fall apart more than urine clumps
  • May track more than natural litters
  • More expensive than most brands

Benefits of Using a Hypoallergenic Cat Litter

Using a hypoallergenic cat litter instead of the normal cat litters in the market has several benefits for your cat and you. Picking the right hypoallergenic cat litter is favorable for your entire household.

For Cats with Allergies

Kittens and senior cats who suffer from allergies or asthma benefit from hypoallergenic cat litter the most. The litter will keep them comfortable and confident when they do their business.

For Cats with Respiratory Ailments

Some cats are sufferers of respiratory ailment, especially the aging cats. No matter how serious their condition is, hypoallergenic cat litter will be a big help in keeping them healthy and possibly preventing them from flare-ups.

For Humans with Allergies

Anything dusty and scented is potential allergic triggers to humans. This is especially true for people who are suffering from allergic rhinitis or asthma. Hypoallergenic cat litters are formulated to keep you from sneezing and having itchy eyes.

For Sensitive Skin

Cats, just like humans can also have sensitive skin, despite their coat and fur. Hypoallergenic cat litter helps keep their skin from irritation and rash.

For Better Litter Box Use

Litter boxes may be ignored if cats, especially sensitive ones find them uncomfortable to use. This will cause them to eliminate improperly and at the wrong places. Encourage cat litter box use by providing them with hypoallergenic cat litter that will make them feel comfortable and confident to use.

Buying Guide for Hypoallergenic Cat Litter

There are a lot of cat litter brands in the market that claim to be hypoallergenic. However, it is best to keep a keen eye and have a piece of thorough knowledge about the cat litter before buying. Here are some factors to consider in picking the right hypoallergenic cat litter.


A hypoallergenic cat litter should be at least 99.9% dust-free. This helps especially if your cat is a major digger or if they have a habit of kicking the litter. This habit causes a dusty cloud that can cause or worsen allergic reactions.


Find out the best materials that are used in cat litters that will also be compatible with your cat’s sensitivities. If you are thinking of getting a clay cat litter, be sure to get the one that does not contain a huge amount of sodium bentonite. This ingredient is its main cause of dust.

Pellet Size

The pellet size you should pick is dependent on the litter box you are using. For instance, if you are using a mechanical litter box, fine and smaller grains are suitable. Otherwise, if you are using the regular box, and especially if you have a long-haired cat, pellet litter are better. Pellet litters are also excellent in eliminating tracking.


The scent, as described too many times triggers a lot of allergic reactions to cats and humans. Be sure to pick one that is unscented or does not have that strong pungent smell.


We do not want to add our cat litter to our landfills, right? Therefore, a good hypoallergenic cat litter is that of which is biodegradable and flushable. Look at the label to find out more.


Humans just like cats can develop allergic reactions to cat litter because of dust and smell. However, making sure you have the right hypoallergenic cat litter lessens the possible triggers. The healthiest among the hypoallergenic cat litters we reviewed – Ultra Litter by Dr. Elsey’s, contains all the mildest components that should keep your allergies from being triggered.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the best non-tracking cat litter?

A: You can’t really control what your cat does when it comes to its litter box behavior, but there are things you can do to address issues like tracking. The most important factor to consider when looking for a non-tracking cat litter is whether they are dust-free if they contain deodorants or fragrances. The best one should have none of that and should be 99.9% dust-free.

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