Robomow Buying Guide: The Friendly, Automatic Robotic Mower

If you’ve been looking at different robotic mowers and have seen the same specifications with different brands, take a peek at how the Robomow lawn mower stands apart from the competition.

The Robomow robotic lawn mower actually has an app that you can go into and drive the mower around. Now, if this isn’t a kid’s toy (minus the blades) for adults, I don’t know what else could be.

Here’s the deal: with a robotic mower, you’ll be able to get more work done while the mower does the work. Have you thought about the separation between mowing and weed-eating?

If you have, then this is your chance. Go around the yard and get rid of the tall grass around the fence, landscaping, and other areas while the mower cuts the common areas of the yard.

Robomow | The First Robot Lawn Mower With Emotional Intelligence:

How Does The Robomow Compare To Other Robotic Mowers?

There are five models available in the United States.

  • RC306
  • RS612
  • RS622
  • RS630
  • RX20

Each of the models are in their own series: RX, RS, RC. The main difference – and don’t worry, we’ll cover all the other features – between all of them is the lawn size capability which should definitely be taken into consideration.

Below is a quick visual to look at different specs for each model.

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Model Weight Mow Width Lawn Size

44 lbs 22″ 1/4 acre

44 lbs 22″ 1/2 acre

44 lbs 22″ 3/4 acre
RC306 25 lbs 11″ 1/8 acre

25 lbs 7″ 1/20 acre

Interesting fact: the Robomow was developed when one (of the 2) entrepreneurs’ wife asked him to mow the lawn and he dreamed of having a robotic mower.

Important to note: The Robomow is actually offered in Great Britain and the United States, so when you are searching for one, you might notice that depending on where you live, the results may vary.

Robomow Versus Husqvarna Automower

Just as we have a Robomow review, there’s also a Husqvarna Automower review here where you can find out more information about the differences, similarities and other aspects of the two.

It’s interesting to see how both of these robotic lawn mowers do the same task, but in a different way. There are features of both that set them apart, but, that’s why there’s a choice, correct?

Is Installation Required For Robomow To Work?

Yes, there are installation steps involved with trying to get Robomow to work.

It requires a setup of what is known as a perimeter wire and it’s job is to primarily guide the mower around the lawn. The wire does need to be properly installed to get the best use of the mower.

During the installation process, if you are finding that the wire might be difficult to run in certain areas, you can use the app to control where the mower goes. A bit of a manual process, but maybe an option for your situation.

Does The Robomow Have An App?

Not only is there an app, but compared to other robotic lawn mowers, the Robomow does have a significant advantage. In addition to mowing the lawn autonomously, the app also offers the ability to remote control it!

No matter where you might be, you have the ability to track detailed information about the mower including security alerts with an added option – GSM module. If you’re interested in having Robomow send technical information to make it better, you do get that option with the GSM module as well.

What are some other things the app can handle? How about:

  • Weekly schedule for your mower
  • Various lawn settings (like size)
  • Setup or change your mowing zones
  • Monitoring your robotic mower

Not only is this a fun option, but it also eliminates having to perfect installing the perimeter wire precisely – refer to the is there any installation required section. Notice a small part of the lawn that was missed or just doesn’t get mowed because it’s outside of the perimeter setup? Done. With your smartphone. From the porch.

Let’s See Major Things To Consider:

Like all good things, there are some factors to think about when deciding on a specific option. Here are some for the Robomow:

Maximum Lawn Size

For sizes of lawns, the Robomow mow uses a system with a number of zones to determine how it maneuvers across your lawn. Each model is dependent on a certain number of acreage (in table below) and it’s important to consider each option.

If a mower has more coverage than what you need, you can also use it for a smaller lawn. An advantage here would be if you wanted a 22 inch cutting deck for less mowing time. Just keep in mind that if you have a larger area to mow, the limitations are according to what the model specifies.

Safety Features

As a father with kids, I’m concerned about what they are going to interact with. Especially when it comes to mowers, one of the first things I look at for these reviews are the safety precautions that manufacturers have taken to make equipment that is safe to be around my children and something I’d be comfortable with having around my home.

Child Lock

Similar to a child lock on the door of a car, if a button is pressed, the mower will not do anything. You’ll have to press certain buttons in a secret spy combination order to make it work.


There’s a code that has to be setup in order to use the mower. Think of it as a unique security code specific to you. The mower can be disabled without having this code entered. After the correct code is used, the user can begin driving the mower or start the robotic grass cutting marathon.

Lift Sensor

If someone tries to lift the mower off of the ground while the blades are spinning, it will stop straightaway. Very handy if it decides to roll over or a kid wants to see what’s underneath.

Tilt Sensor

Similar to the lift sensor, if the mower is moved out of it’s normal operating position (level with the ground), the blade stops.

Obstruction Sensor

When the Robomow is going across the lawn and it bumps into something – say like a tree or some type of landscaping, it will disengage the spinning blades, alternate it’s route and start cutting again.

Emergency Stop Button

Press this button and the Robomow will stop whatever it’s doing. If it’s moving, it will stop. If the blades are spinning, well, you get the point.

Safety Switch

When this is turned off, the mower cannot be used. Additionally, this must be off before Robomow can be lifted off of the ground or there is service done on the machine.

Sealed Batteries

Self-explanatory really, but it just means that no fluid will leak anywhere.

It’s really important for kids and adults not to be in contact with battery acid.

Mowing Width

The low-end (for lack of a better term) RC306 model has an 11 inch cutting width. All the remaining models double that for a 22 inch width. A significant difference in case you’ve got the larger yard and would like a quicker cut.


Another thing to consider is the lawn that your Robomow will be on. Is it hilly? How about bumpy? A great thing about robotic mowers is that they can handle a good deal of unevenness (is that a word?) – but, if they flip over, well, that’s not going to get very much grass cutting done!

In order to combat this, the Robomow comes with premium wheels to help stabilize while mowing.

All models can mow a slope up to 20 degrees (35%). For any math majors out there, that’s a hypotenuse of approximately 3.16 foot over a 3 foot span.

Number of Zones

What does this even mean? Well, simply put – the Robomow needs certain zones that attach your yard together like a puzzle, or, more like “passages”. There’s a main zone to your lawn and then there will be sub-zones. You’ll need to connect this main zone with the others in order for it to know where to go.

The cool thing? If you don’t have these zones connected with buried wires, you can just hop on the app and drive it yourself! I have to admit – probably the coolest feature this thing has to offer! I haven’t yet seen the competitors with this option.

So, how many zones can they handle?

You’ll know when the mower is done after it completes the entire number of zones created and they have been mowed.

Other Misc. Features

You may have caught onto this, but this thing is packed with features! Here are more benefits for going with the Robomow:


During the first cut of the season, this is usually when the grass is thickest and toughest to cut. This setting allows for a slowed down mowing speed and an increased RPM to get a better, even cut.

Floating Deck (select models)

The deck moves to adjustments of your lawn such as hills and other uneven areas to have a more gradual cut. Think of it like a floating back on a panini press allowing to sit on top of the bread.

Low Temperature Setting

Typically, the mower is going to run in all kinds of weather and temperatures, but in the case of it being lower than 41 degrees (F), the mower will automatically dock at the base station with a warning.

Auto Battery Recharge

Once the Robomow realizes it’s battery is unfit for mowing duty, it will go straight to the base station, recharge, and get back to work afterwards! This is great for longer mow periods.

Night Mowing

Due to the extremely quiet mowing capability, you can have the mower run at night to wake up to a freshly cut, beautiful lawn. Since it works on guide wires, it doesn’t require lighting.

“Edge Mode”

A great feature:
It has the ability to cut outside the wheels for a better finish and reduces the need for edging. This is perfect for trimming along fences or driveways.

Who Is The Robomow For?

The robotic mower can be used for any lawn where a push lawn mower or a riding lawn mower is used. Some of the features can actually help make the lawn look better because of more consistent and frequent mows.

Another person this is a fit for will be someone trying to accomplish more around their garden, landscaping, or outdoor work. Mowing takes time; that’s the purpose of owning this type of technology – better efficiency and overall lawn health.

How Often (And How Long) Will It Need To Cut My Lawn?

There’s a cycle that the mower uses to finish each job. It will mow the yard as much as possible on a battery charge. Should it need to, it will navigate back to the base station and recharge, returning back to cutting.

It does cut grass slower than a human, but one of the good things is that you can adjust the mowing time as needed. Use the app after examining how the first few mows go.

The default setting is for twice a week. This is typical and tends to leave your lawn looking more healthier and having that “fresh cut” look. Perfect for dominating your neighbor’s lawn – almost as good as the example video below:

The Lawn Care Nut | How To Dominate Your Neighbor’s Lawn

The length of time required for each mow really is dependent on too many factors to give an estimate, but the important thing to remember is the Robomow has the widest cutting width over other robotic lawn mowers out there, having a quicker finish.

Does The Mower Work With An Electric Dog Fence?

Without starting this sentence with unfortunately, it does not work with any wire dog fences, sadly. And, you’ll want to make sure that if your neighbors have one, there has to be 6 feet worth of distance between that and your perimeter wire.

You could always use the mower on a certain section of your lawn – say the front yard – and constrict your dog’s wired area to the back.

Check out the charts below; we’ve covered things like charging time and average work time among other features.

Where Is The Robomow Available For Sale?

Currently, the Automower is available online at various retailers including Amazon, mower dealers, and even Ebay.

The great thing about the mower is that (depending on the model) the weight is 30 pounds or less. You’ll be able to get free shipping from the majority of sellers as well.

You’ll want to make sure that you look at the specifics of the product when ordering for things like an installation kit. If that’s not offered, it needs to be purchased separately in order to have the mower function.

Summary and Thoughts

Immediately the best feature I thought of that sets the Robomow apart is the ability to remote control the mower. It is most definitely something that will have an advantage when it comes to those who may have an odd yard or just someone who’s looking to get the areas like behind a shed, around bushes, etc.

Additionally, there is a plethora of features and benefits that clearly show how involved the company is at designing these. They really are looking to your best interests when it comes to child safety, keeping your lawn looking great, and indications of warnings via the app.

To speak about the lawn size, the best US model of the Robomow does only offer a max size of 3/4 acre. Other robotic lawn mowers like the Husqvarna Automower go up to 1.25 acres. This might make a difference unless you really use the remote control feature (have I mentioned that yet?) to tidy up the missed areas.

Robotic mowers in the marketplace are still coming alive and out into the open. Thus far, it seems that the Robomow has taken front and center stage.