Best Cat Towers

Putting up a cat tower is one of the best tIt is also fast and simple to assemble things you could ever do to keep your cats well-entertained and happy.

It will also prevent them from scratching your loved items such as sofas, carpets, drawers, and other pieces of furniture.

However, buying one can be overwhelming as it comes in different designs, styles, and colors. There are tons of brands to look at to find the best cat towers on the market.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that cats, naturally, love climbing and scratching. So, before you buy a pre-assembled cat tower, make sure that the materials used are durable and the built is sturdy enough to hold your cat’s weight.

Don’t fret! We’ve already scoured the market to find top products that will suit your needs.

Whether you live in a spacious house with multiple cats or a small unit with just one feline, we’ve got you covered in this guide.


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BEST CAT TOWERS That Are Worth Buying

So, how do you keep your cats happy and prevent them from scratching your couches and furniture? These products should help.


This is great for houses with multiple cats. The large platforms and shelves allow your cats to climb up and down easily. It doesn’t rock due to its solid wood base.


  • This cat tower is made of ply with oak veneer.
  • The manufacturer made sure that all parts are replaceable when worn.
  • Its carpeted platforms are attached with Velcro.
  • The manufacturer provided a 20-inch sisal pad scratcher to satisfy your cat’s scratching needs.
  • The soft cushions include washable faux suede covers.
  • It comes with the tools needed for assembling.
  • This cat tower measures 69 inches by 20 inches by 20 inches and weighs 68.8 pounds.
The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower in Espresso


  • Provides good support with its sturdy base
  • All carpeted parts are replaceable if worn
  • Attractive piece of furniture that fits well into your house
  • Scratchpad is replaceable
  • Doesn’t wobble due to its heavy weight
  • Different colors are available to choose from


  • On the pricey side
  • Scratchpads are small

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PetPals Cat Tree Cat Tower for Cat Activity with Scratching Postsand Toy Ball,Gray

This cat tower has two different plush perch styles with a top cradle perch for your feline to play or lounge.

Both perches are supported by handmade paper rope scratch posts to allow your cats to dig into it and prevent them from damaging your furniture. It was designed with a weighted base to stop the tower from wobbling during your feline’s snappy moments.


  • The manufacturer, PetPals, holds more than two decades of experience manufacturing pet supplies. Thus, all products are made with premium quality only.
  • It is perfect for cats weighing up to 15lbs.
  • The designs are made with handmade paper rope and felt, which are perfect for your felines to scratch and sharpen their claws with without destroying your furniture.
  • This cat tower comes with a free teasing toy to make your cats happier.
  • It is simple and easy to assemble. The package comes with complete tools and instructions are also provided.
  • The cat tower measures 20 inches by 15.5 inches by 23 inches and weighs 14.02 pounds.
PetPals Cat Tree Cat Tower for Cat Activity with Scratching Postsand Toy Ball,Gray


  • Blends in perfectly to your home furniture due to its unique design
  • Easy to set up
  • Materials are soft and smooth
  • Sturdy and safe for your felines
  • Has a unique shape and cute colors your cats will love
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fits fairly into small houses or units
  • Affordable


  • Can only accommodate up to two average-weighing cats
  • Too small for a multi-level tower
  • No other colors available

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This product is made from premium-quality cardboards and is stylishly designed with different entertaining accessories.

It is a perfect place for your felines to scratch with its scratch posts wrapped in sisal rope plus a scratch pad at the top. Your distressed cats will no longer need to scratch and ruin your furniture! Plus, it has hanging toys that are sure to add so much entertainment!


  • This item was built with a sturdy and safe base to ensure the stability of the cat tower. It includes a strap to prevent shaking or wobbling.
  • This spacious tower is an ideal catnapping spot due to its softness and coziness. The plush perches and the soft lounging tunnel are a perfect spot for them for a great view of the house.
  • Its multi-level design allows your cats to maximize its functionality. The first round of activity is jumping and climbing the cat tower posts wrapped in sisal rope then another round on the scratching pad on top.
  • The manufacturer promises that only premium-quality materials are used for construction. This cat furniture is an excellent combination of longevity and style.
  • It measures 23.6 inches by 19.7 inches by 61.4 inches, which is large enough to accommodate different cat sizes. It weighs 47 pounds.
  • It is also fast and simple to assemble.


  • Strong, sturdy and safe
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tall tower making it more appealing to cats
  • The grey fabric is very soft.
  • Suits small and large cat
  • Comfortable for cats to nap and play
  • Just tall enough for the cats to climb
  • Functional design


  • The posts to climb are way too narrow.
  • Some pieces are missing and mislabeled
  • The furry fabric can be easily ripped.
  • Top part doesn’t look firm for fat cats

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All cat towers have an eco-friendly design and claim to be among the best cat towers for your cats.

However, among these products, the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower is the sturdiest due to its heavy weight of 68.8 pounds and most durable due to the premium-quality solid wood and carpet materials used.

It also has faux suede washable covers for the cushions. It is, however, the most expensive of the three items.

The other two cat towers are way less expensive compared to the Refined Feline’s, but this is probably because they are not made from solid wood.

The PetPals Cat Tree Cat Tower is made from paper rope and felt, while the Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree is made from premium particle board. These two products, however, are a better option than having ripped carpets and leather couches.

If you’re a multiple-cat owner and you don’t want to splurge much on a cat tower, then the Feandrea’s might be the better choice with its height and number of levels.

Meanwhile, if you have just one feline and budget is of a concern, then the PetPals’ might just be enough to do the job–given that your cat does not weigh over 15 pounds.

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