Can you eat beets raw?

Beets are a superfood that has long been praised for its properties. However, what’s the best way to eat them? Can you eat beets raw? Yes, you can, and let’s find out why that’s one of the best ways to eat them.

Can you eat beets raw? Absolutely! You do however need to be mindful in the consumption because even things that are considered excellent for us can prove problematic to unsuspecting individuals.

What state is best to eat some vegetables? Should you have them raw or cooked? Not everyone is a fan of the earthy taste, so people prefer to mask it. For others still, it is about getting the most out of the beetroot. So back to the question, can you eat beets raw?

So yes, you can eat them raw. It is the best way to have beets, but we will explore some equally beneficial ways to eat them.

Benefits of Eating Raw Beets

eating raw beets

The concern for raw beets comes from the perception that it could be poisonous. The occurrence of beeturia perhaps fuels these rumors in some people. That refers to the condition where a person’s urine turns red or pink.

Beeturia is harmless, but if it happens consistently, it could be the cause of an underlying issue such as iron deficiency. However, beeturia itself is not problematic.

With that in mind, the root of the beet has a sweet, hearty flavor. When it is raw, that is when you get the most nutrients out of it. When it is as is, the nutritional value is higher even with regards to the minerals and antioxidant properties it contains. That is not unique to beets; it is the case for most vegetables and fruits; they are more nutritious in their natural state.

When the question “can beets be eaten raw,” comes up, their pickled state comes into question too. People turn to pickled beetroots when they cannot get them fresh.

Research by the Journal of Current Research in Nutrition and Food Science concluded that when beets are in this state, their nutritional value is diminished. The only mineral left unaffected is vitamin C. The theory is that the pickle juice carries with it other substances that led their vitamin C to the beets.

Overall, there are fantastic health benefits to eating beetroots. They assist in the lowering of blood pressure and boosting endurance and one’s stamina.

It also acts as a friendly digestive companion and improves brain health especially for the aging brain. Your heart also benefits, along with your blood and liver which get detoxified and purified.

Side effects of eating raw beets

The benefits do not stop there. It is this myriad of benefits that earned the beetroots the title of superfood. Though that is an impressive title, you ought to eat beets in moderation.

Should you have underlying condition beets can make the situation worse. If you notice you are displaying problematic symptoms after eating beets, you should stop and see your doctor.

Best way to eat raw beets

It is incredible how many raw beetroot recipes there are. You can hardly get bored from the variety that exists in salads, coleslaw, sandwiches, hummus, and juices. You’ll be able to enjoy the color and crunch it adds in your meal if you choose to take it almost daily.

However, currently, the most popular way to eat beets is by turning them into a smoothie. If you decide to, I suggest that you do not strain the juice; you will be losing out on the fiber that is excellent for your digestive system.

Selection, storage, and preparation of beets are equally important. Ideally, you should get beets that still have the greens intact. They should show no signs of weathering, and the root itself should be firm and a deep red-purple.

If you want the beets to last longer, cut the greens off, leaving about an inch. That way, they can last in the fridge for two to four weeks. If you store with the greens attached they will only last a few days.

Final Thoughts

The fact remains that the best state to have beets is when they are raw because you don’t compromise all the benefits that it carries. There are also tons of ways to enjoy them, so you never get bored.

More Questions about raw beets

What is the best way to eat beetroots?

You can enjoy beets raw, cooked or roasted. Avoid boiling it tends to remove most of the nutrients.

Can you drink the water after boiling beets?

The water after boiling beets can be drank in a variety of ways. After letting it cool, you can add a squeeze of lemon or even honey and enjoy. It also works fantastic when used as a base for cocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks.

When is the best time to drink raw beet juice?

To get full benefits, the ideal time to have beet juice is the first thing in the morning. It can cause some discomfort, but you can add plain yogurt to help with that.

When do you take beets before a workout?

Beetroots are known to enhance performance during a workout. That is due to the nitrates which the body converts to nitric oxide. It helps in relaxing and increasing the sizes of one’s arteries. To get the most out of it, take beet juice two hours before a workout; that’s when the nitric oxide levels will be at their maximum.