Best Cat Scratch Deterrent: Reviews Guide

So you have a cat or more than one and your finding the scratching a bit overwhelming.  Now, what do you do to help to save your furniture?  You can look into some products to encourage your cat – cat scratch deterrent products are helpful and aid in the training of cats that scratch your furniture.

Some cats will take to different products better than others, but it’s a learning curve for them as cats need to scratch.  It’s a part of their natural instincts after all.

Cat Deterrent Spray – Cat Repellent

These products are great as training aids to help your cat learn to scratch somewhere else that you would rather them scratch.  It can be difficult training a cat that is older which may require a more aggressive method but don’t give up!

Cat Deterrent Mat

Deterrent mats are a safe and effective way to teach a cat you don’t want them on your favorite piece of furniture.  They are easy to put in area’s you want to keep protected and convenient to store when not needed.  Harmless and safe, can be used for both dogs and cats.

Cat Deterrent Furniture

Furniture protectors are another great method of deterring your cat from scratching your furniture.  As a training aid which can be also used with spray or repellents.

Plants Cats Hate

Using the power of scent you could place plants near items you want to protect.  Cats don’t like certain plant scents so while doing two things, one being a useful house plant and another assisting to deter your cat in an area you don’t want them in. Cats dislike the smell of rue, lavender and pennyroyal, Coleus canina and lemon thyme.  So try planting some of these as well.

Scratching Post Deterrents

While having a cat scratching post is a must to deter your cats from scratching your furniture, how you place them and use them can also help.  Sometimes simply moving your cat from scratching a surface you don’t want to scratch to a scratching post is all that is needed.  Doing that a few times for kittens often solved the issue, if more is required then some of the products listed above along with a scratching post will go along way to winning the battle of the cat scratching.