Have my carrots gone bad? What to look out for?

Fresh vegetables are a great addition to your diet but you need to understand when the best time to eat isto eat them when they’re fresh. If carrots are properly stored you can prolong their shelf life and avoid carrots gone bad.

I always buy my groceries to take me through the week. When it comes to carrots they have a longer shelf life than other veggies but also go bad just like other veggies. If I don’t store them properly they can quickly turn soft and soggy only after a few days after buying. I have been trying not to mix them with other veggies but they still get moisture and end up getting spoiled.

How to identify fresh carrots

have my carrots gone bad

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Since fresh fruits and veggies aren’t labeled to show you when they were harvested, you can identify fresh carrots by checking if they still have their greens intact at the top. This means they were harvested a few days ago but they can still be fresh even if they don’t have their greens attached. Fresh carrots have a sweet smell, are firm on the outside, and don’t have any dry spots.

Fresh carrots that you don’t peel or wash can stay fresh for around 10 days without going bad. However, if you peel or cut carrots and don’t use them, they have a very short timeline of about three days. For the carrots to stay fresh for longer put them in an air-tight container or a plastic bag. Limpness and white spots aren’t signs of carrots gone bad but signs of mild deterioration which means the carrots are dehydrated but still good to eat.

Carrots gone bad

How long do carrots last in the fridge?

If you store whole unpeeled carrots well in a fridge they can stay fresh for even 3 months. Sliced or peeled baby carrots don’t store moisture well so they will last a shorter time of about 4 weeks. Don’t wash the carrots if you’re going to put them in the fridge and don’t store other fruits and veggies with carrots because they will quickly go bad. Cooked carrots stay fresh 5-7 days.

When do carrots go bad?

Check for spots

If you notice small white spots on the surface or if the spots are darker than white blush, the carrots aren’t safe to eat. This mostly happens when the carrots are dehydrated when there are cuts on the surface.

Mushy consistency

If the carrots are mushy and slimmer than normal, it’s not safe to eat the carrots. These carrots are slimy and rotten and can cause health problems if ingested.

White blush

If the carrot’s surface has only a few white blush, it’s still safe to consume. This means that the carrots will die soon and you need to consume them quickly but if you see much white blush throw the carrots away.

The Smell

A very strange and bad odor from carrots is a sign that the carrots gone bad because of the growth of bacteria. Throw away these carrots to avoid bacteria from spreading to the others.

Expiry date

If you bought packed carrots from a store check the expiry date on the label to make sure that the carrots don’t expire immediately after you buy them.

How to properly store carrots in the fridge

For proper carrot storage, you need to keep them at a minimum temperature of 33 degrees Fahrenheit and 95% humidity. This can keep your carrots fresh for at least a month.

First, make sure you don’t wash the carrots before storing them in the fridge. The layer of soil on the carrots helps to delay decay. You can remove most of the soil but don’t wash.

Secondly, once you harvest the carrots leave them in the sun to dry for a few hours. This allows the skin to get sealed.

Lastly, remove the top green part. Make sure the carrots are completely dry before placing them in plastic bags. Make holes in the bags for air circulation and add moistened paper towels which will allow humidity to enter prolonging the life of the carrots.

You can now prolong the shelf life of your carrots

Carrots are great veggies that have numerous health benefits. They can also go bad very quickly if not stored properly. If you’re going to store carrots in the fridge make sure you don’t wash them. Also check for signs like a bad smell, white blush or check the expiry date of your carrots to make sure you don’t eat spoiled carrots. For more information watch this to learn more about carrots gone bad.


Are split carrots safe to eat?

Cracks on carrots can be caused if the carrot was trying to grow around rocks or pebbles or it has little moisture. As long as the carrots aren’t slimy and are firm they’re safe to eat.

Is the white stuff on carrots mold?

The white stuff is referred to as white blush and it’s a thin layer of a dehydrated carrot. This mostly happens when baby carrots are exposed to the atmosphere which makes the outer layer to dry up.

Should carrots be kept in the fridge?

Carrots if properly stored can stay in the fridge for up to 3 months. Put unwashed carrots in an air-tight container and place them in the coolest part of your fridge.

Are lacto fermented carrots good for you?

Fermented carrots provide your gut with good bacteria that promote a healthy digestive system and immune system.

When do carrots go bad?

Baby carrots turn slimy soon after being stored because of poor harvesting and poor storage. If you eat them you run the risk of getting food poisoning.