How To Clean Floor Tile Grout With Steam: Organic Cleaning

Steam cleaning is possible with this innovative steam cleaner that saves your time and ensures a sparkling floor. Yet as prep work to have clean floors you must know how to clean floor tile grout with steam.

Steam cleaners are wonderful and fantastic cleaning tools. They smooth tiles, clean porous tiles, and are the best to clean floor tile grout. These surfaces are tough to clean as the floor has pores and crevices.

However, the hot steam flows into every cranny and nook that it loosens grime, dirt, and grease effectively. In addition, a steam cleaner is a high-quality floor tool that is specialized in maintaining your tiles and restoring the shine than ever.

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Why Steam Cleaning For The Tile Floor Grout

Steam is environmentally-friendly and efficient cleaning alternative to the traditional methods that involve buckets, mops, and detergents. Knowing about the advantages of steam cleaning is essential.

  • Non-Toxic: Steam cleaning actually kills bacteria around 99.99% and does not need any toxic and harmful chemicals such as ammonia or bleach. Using water and heat is enough so that your house is free from pollution and chemical residue.
  • Pet & Child-Friendly: There is a need to use products that non-toxic in nature and this is essential so that it is home-friendly, assuring a healthy environment for pets and children. The added advantage of steam cleaning is it is free from chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite used in the cleaning agents. These cleaning agents may cause illness or skin irritation, burning eyes and damage the lungs.
  • Allergies: People already suffering from asthma and allergies benefit from the steam cleaning. The benefit of the steam cleaning is that it makes use of heat and water, thereby it proves it is just natural steam that helps to eliminate the grime and dirt from the surfaces of your home or office. Therefore, there is no room to aggravate allergy symptoms or even to trigger the respiratory issues.
  • Cheaper: Steam cleaning in the long term saves a lot of money. With the initial purchase, the steam cost for cleaning is only electricity and water. There are no repeated costs of buying cleaners, detergents, and other products. It also assures the best health benefits that the doctor visits are reduced, adding to saving.
  • Mould Removal: As moulds start growing, it may produce deadly and harmful mycotoxins causing health problems. In fact, bleach does not kill mould, it turns it white. The steam cleaning kills the mould as it has high temperature and the attachment bristles remove the cracks that are hard to reach.

How To Clean The Tile Grout With Steam | Watch Till The End

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Tile Grout Steam Cleaning Procedures

Steam cleaners feature nozzles and the water in the cleaners heat over 200 F and it directly blasts the steam onto the grout. There is a need to scrub as it is active on steam and grout cleaning is done easily using the nozzles featuring special brass or brush.  The process develops slurry of grime and water that you can simple mop or rinse away

Rent or buy steam cleaners at rental outlets and home centers. Most rental units are appropriate for tiles and ensure to verify with the rental store to ascertain the right brushes for grout.

Supplies and tools required

  • Mop and broom or bucket and sponges.
  • Steam cleaner featuring attachments with a grout brush.

How To Clean Floor Tile Grout With Steam: Instructions

Tile cleaning

Start cleaning the complete area.  Now, that you consider steam cleaning, it is best as it can eliminate all the grit, dirt and excess gunk. Soap scum or excess dirt may obstruct the steam cleaner brush. For the tiles sponge-clean, use a mild detergent, and then rinse.

Set the Steam Cleaner

Considering steam cleaning means you have to go with the manufacturer’s recommendation. Of course, setting up the steam cleaner is really simple. You just have to fill water in the unit, turn it on and set the steam. Typically, create the steam; it will take a few minutes. Attach to the steam cleaner the hose choose a right brush for the grout size and the tiles type, as per the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Likewise, using a nylon-bristle brush is recommended as it eliminates grout successfully.  It does not damage tiles. If necessary, you may remove the stubborn dirt to a brass-bristle brush. However, be aware that there are some brass brushes that damage the tiles.

Steaming and Scrubbing

Turn the steam on with required spray rate as mentioned. Scrub directly the grout giving a hard hand; it may be time-consuming, depending on the grout. In fact, you may consider working section by section. Similarly, you may clean the walls from the top so that the dirty water will flow down to the areas that are unclean.

Repeat and Rinse

Avoid periodic scrubbing or even sponging each section.  Though it is important to clean the dirty water prior to it settling back into the grout and drying, it is best to refill, reheat the steamer and to continue the same process until the job completes. Eventually, you may finish cleaning the entire area giving a final cleaning.

Sealing Cleaned Grout

Steam cleaning is suitable for all the grout, sealed and unsealed; besides it keeps the sealer safe. However, on cleaning the grout once and restoring its original color is important and the best way to keep it clean is by sealing it with a grout sealer of high-quality. The sealers are available in two basic types, topical and penetrating; choose as per your needs.

How To Clean Floor Tile Grout With Steam

Tips About Steam Cleaner

  • The steam cleaner comes on wheels as a base unit and it holds water. It also features a nozzle that allows to plug a hose and to put the power of steam. You just need to direct the wand so that the steam goes in the same direction.
  • The steam cleaner makes use of the pressurized nature as an ideal choice to remove the stubborn grout from the floor tiles. The tiles having grout goes between and can be cleaned properly only with steam cleaning.
  • Grout steam cleaners allow you to get rid of your grout easily and quickly. This is possible by spraying with pressurized steam the grout lines. The steam cleaners offer a pretty convincing performance.

Manufacturing a steam cleaning unit is not easy. Though it is not any rocket science, there are various problems arising. Right from heating the water to a high temperature to let the unit cools down, many things have to be sorted.

As the plastic and metal gets hot and cold repeatedly, the molecules keep expanding and contracting and results in a mechanical breakdown. Thus, a company must be savvy enough to use materials and parts that can withstand the abuse, besides keeping the costs down to earn a profit.

Grout steam cleaners are in affordable ranges. The good quality units are available in the ranges of $100 and it is expected to last a few years. It also means you get good value, considering the labor saved and time.  If you have to spend a few hundred or even $1000 for some professional device, this is really not hard on your budget.


So, cleaning the tile grout isn’t much complicated as we have shown. Compared to many other ways of grout cleaning, these machines make your life easier.  Having steam cleaner to clean floor tile grout means you are free from elbow grease. The pressurized power of steam do the heavy lifting of grout and the water temperature with pressure makes the difference.