Husqvarna Automower Review: Does It Really Cut Grass In The Rain?

Welcome to the future! Although the Husqvarna Automower has been out for quite some time, many people out there don’t know about it. Robotic mowing is here to stay.

And yes, the Automower will cut your grass in the rain. It has a rain sensor that allows for the mower to determine whether or not to continue cutting or go back to the base station and wait until the grass is dry.

If you haven’t figured it out already, this mower will cut the grass while you get to sit back and watch! It’s a great piece of technology and if used correctly, could really benefit certain lawn mower owners.

Here’s the deal: with a robotic mower, you’ll be able to get more work done while the mower does the work.

Have you thought about the separation between mowing and weed-eating? If you have, then this is your chance.

Go around the yard and get rid of the tall grass around the fence, landscaping, and other areas while the mower cuts the common areas of the yard.

What Are The Best Features Of The Husqvarna Automower?

I have to admit, this is such a innovative solution. Not only can it take some labor away from a tedious task, but there are also people that simply cannot mow. Obviously I can’t list entire medical conditions, reasons for not being able to mow, etc., but it’s important to think how this type of technology can change a life or two.

Okay, this answer might be subjective, but I think it’s definitely worth mentioning. Aside from some of the other features of the Automower, this thing can cut in the rain! Of course, if you choose to, you can go cut the grass in the rain too; however, during a storm, there’s a risk you might actually get struck by lightning. The Automower is low enough to the ground that it should evade that possibility.

There’s a lot of benefits to owning a robotic lawn mower and some about the Automower include the lawn being cut without you having to manage it. Set the mower out in the yard (after a full charge of course) and let it go to work.

One of the neat features is that when the battery begins to get low, the mower will automatically return to the charging station and recharge itself. Once there is enough power, it will go back to cutting your grass again.

It’s ideal size lot to handle is about a ½ acre yard. The terrain does not have to be entirely even and it can be in virtually any weather conditions. If you’re wondering about the angle it can cut, the slopes it can handle are around 35%.

Another benefit that the Automower presents with itself is the anti-theft system. With the app for the mower, you can have it record the location of the mower to help track it down.

And, for the green initiative with the environment, expect low energy consumption. This robotic mower works with a small chunk of energy compared to an average lawn mower you might be used to. It’s an all electric alternative which means no bad emissions to deal with.

A great video demonstration of the overall functions of the Automower:

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Husqvarna Automower Vs. Robomow

First off, have a look at the in-depth Robomow review that should help clarify some of it’s feature set compared to the Husqvarna equivalent. It’s going to be close!

In addition to a low charging time, with the Automower, the actual time of the mower on the grass ranges from 45 to 260 minutes varying by model. Even though common sense may tell, the highest model available (Automower 450x) offers the longest run time after being charged.

Both the Automower and the Robomow can detect objects without having to place a guide wire (used during installation to avoid objects) around certain things like trees, bushes, and other solid objects. The robotic mowers can bump and re-route their path for continued mowing.

One feature that the Robomow boasts is a rain sensor. Where Husqvarna says the Automower will mow during different types of inclement weather, the Robomow has a sensor that will tell the mower to go back into it’s base station and come back out when dry.

It’s not a surprise that there are many companies trying to invent this type of technology – after all, you can run robotic lawn mowers whenever you want!

Below is a quick feature comparison of the Automower vs. Robomow. They both offer incredible benefits considering they’re basically a touch and go solution.

Husqvarna Automower Specs

  • 45-75 min. charging time
  • .37 – 1.25 acre mowing area
  • 57 – 60 db(A)
    roughly the same as a conversation
  • Lithium Ion Battery or NiMH
  • Slopes up to 35%
    safer solution than humans in rain

Robomow Specs

  • 60 – 135 min. charging time
  • 1/8 – 3/4 acre mowing area
  • 66 – 74 db(A)
    slightly louder than a conversation
  • Lithium Ion Battery or NiMH
  • Remote Control
    maneuver mower from smartphone

Does The Automower Have An App?

As mentioned above, of course the Automower (450x model only) wouldn’t be complete with a smartphone app. Some of the things you can do are check it’s current status (if it’s upside down or stuck) and change settings for the mower like cutting height.

To elaborate on the anti-theft system, with the app you’ll receive an alarm to see where the mower’s located given the fact that a person actually had the nerve to pull it off your lawn!

Check out the video below for how the app works:

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Automower Features To Consider

Although it seems like this is just a dream come true, there are a few things to think about such as:

GPS Assisted Navigation

The two top level models including the Automower 430x and the 450x both have GPS assisted navigation allowing for a smoother transition across the yard and a more precise mow. Of course, for better features adds more cost – a factor for consideration.

With the Automower 315 and 220 AC models, you can still use guide wire navigation to get around the yard.

Cutting Width

There isn’t much variation in the models, but hey, some people like a wider mower, right?

Ranges are from 8.7 inches to 9.45 inches. Less than an inch to contemplate and the extra width will decrease the mowing time, albeit very minimally.


If you aren’t an aesthetically pleasing person and really don’t care about the color of the Automower, do yourself a favor and skip this meaningless selection.

If you want to know what colors are available, here’s what you can get: granite grey or green. There you have it — two options to choose from.

Rough Terrain

Right now, there is only one model that handles terrain that’s abnormal which may be true in your case.

The model that suits your needs is the Automower 220 AC. It will handle the rugged terrain since it has what’s labeled as “medium” wheel threads and not “coarse”. This is also one of the select models that has an easy height adjustment though, conveniently.

The above features are just a handle of things to consider and to really get more detailed, it will help to know what the characteristics of your yard look like. Everyone’s lawn has it’s own needs and the Husqvarna Automower is built with different models for that reason.

Where Is The Husqvarna Automower For Sale?

Currently, the Automower is available online at various retailers including Amazon, Lowes, and even Ebay. The great thing about the mower is that (depending on the model) the weight is 30 pounds or less. You’ll be able to get free shipping from the majority of sellers as well.

You’ll want to make sure that you look at the specifics of the product when ordering for things like an installation kit. If that’s not offered, it needs to be purchases separately in order to have the mower function.

Summary and Thoughts

Immediately, recognizing the Husqvarna brand is evident in the mower. It’s got a great style and feature set which we’re familiar with of their other inventory items like their Z200 zero turn series.

It seems that they offer a bit of an advantage with the yard size as the Robomow is only rated for ¾ acre. The charging time is also competitive since the times are a bit lower. We do need to keep in mind that it’s dependent upon the specific model being purchased.

The noise level doesn’t seem to be that much of a concern considering a couple decibels might not even be loud enough to detect. But, if you’re an audiophile, it might be a factor to think about.

Overall, I like the brand and what it has to offer. The only aspect I’d reconsider is if I wanted to drive my mower which is a feature the Robomow has.