How to make the best use of outdoor feeding stations for cats

A great deed to do is to feed feral cats and additionally provide them with shelter if possible. This would typically be quite rewarding until some of them might thank after marking your front door.  Some feeders often get to face such troubles along with higher price.  So if you’re one of those who’re looking for solutions in this regard then an outdoor feeding station for cats can turn out to be a great idea.

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Outdoor feeding stations under reasonable price for cats are gaining popularity day after day and whether you’re up for feeding feral or pet cats.  These can be utilized in a lot of ways such as shelter and for other purposes as well.  Whether you’re completely new to feeding some cats in your house backyard.   Or whether you’re a pro who keeps feeding large cat colonies in back alleys since a lot of years. You can use these few ideal ways for making sure that these feral feeding stations would be stellar set-ups.

Proper Outdoor Feeding Station Placement

Outdoor Feeding stations for cats are generally reasonably priced, discreet, low-profile and they easily blend in ideally with surroundings and other items.  These are mostly kept out of public sight mainly due to two reasons. Firstly, the cats generally don’t search in areas with higher traffic as they don’t feel safe in there. And secondly through this way they’re able to draw higher attention where these cats get fed, also affording them with higher safety. If any other animal is looking to harm the cat, it would be quite harder for them as they don’t know where you’re feed them.

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Constructing Feeding Station

Nothing would be worse than getting large bowl of dry cat food which has been rained on – it can turn to soggy mush and after about one day it would also turn moldy.  Cats can’t eat it and you’ll get stuck while you’re cleaning it.  All feeding stations have to be quite waterproof along with other items.

Ideally, feeding station products at reasonable price that are made professionally should fit well with the food bowl and would be enough for at least a single cat.  So at a minimum a single cat would be able to eat at a time and the poor cat doesn’t need to eat out while in rain during inclement weather.

Keeping bowls for water isn’t necessary inside feeding station products, although this would be quite nice. If you’re not able to do a sizeable station due to the discretion requirement, the better priority would be sure regarding toe quality and safety of food.

Having Right Type of Dishes for Your Feeding Stations

If you’re setting up feeding station products under a low price, you’ll want to select a bowl style that would work ideally for self as well. As a general rule, it has to be vital to choose bowl colours that would easily blend in with area where you’re feeding. If you’re in natural open settings, you would need to select earthy colours like greens, tans, blacks and browns. A bright red bowl in nature or park setting would stick like sore thumb while drawing any undue attention. Dark and muted colours would go well with these stations and other items as well.

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Commonly used items at cheap price are glassware, metals and plastics. Plastic bowls of heavy sizes are versatile and can be cleaned very easily. Metal would be able to retain cold and heat higher than plastic, while staying either hot and cool for long.

While using less price glassware make sure to bear caution as glass dishes can easily break and the worst that would happen is that you’ll have a broken glass for feral cat feeding. If you’re going with glassware, you must look for Pyrex as it won’t break quite simply.

Paper bowls and plates can be simple and cheaper price options.  But these aren’t much water resistant such as plastic tends to blow just when they are emptied. If these are not picked diligently, they would make the area appear quite trashy. You can make use of paper plates sparingly and quite appropriately.

The Right Way to Feed Feral Cats

If you’re looking to properly feed feral cat of your area with your own outdoor station at less price.  Make sure that you’ve got fresh water access and the water bowls aren’t developing algae scum. Areas with cold weather would require keeping the water protected from getting frozen.

Cheap price Bowls where there is storage for feeding dry fruits have to be free from debris such as dirt and leaves.  Either in a couple of days you can swap these bowls for thorough cleaning and rinsing with soap and water or swap fresh ones before you refill all these.

Overall the station would be clean!  This would be often where people are going wrong and why would neighbours complain a lot about people who are feeding cats.  If food can be scattered everywhere, you can empty all paper plates that have blown around, dirty bowls of water, Friskies empty cans scattered, not only these would be unhealthy options for cats, the cats would also attract a lot of attention.

Feeding stations storage that appear trashy also attract other forms of wildlife such as skunks, raccoons and opossum and that again would be some major concerns leading to community complaints.

While buying a feeding station at less price you must ensure that it’s available with clean up kit including: Disposable gloves, paper towels, wet wipes, paper towels, empty trash bag, dish soap, little broom, a dustpan and a flashlight.

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The best bet here would be to follow the same consumption daily at the same time. Whether you’re thinking about morning or evening. Ideally, it would be best to leave down food for around 30 minutes to not up to an hour.  And you can let cats eat each with their own turn and for picking food bowls for night so here the remaining food won’t attract the wildlife.  We all know that it wouldn’t always be possible; sometimes you’ll not be able to have a feeding station daily.

Maximize Safety

Always be safe. To feed in sketch shelter area, you have to go one at a time where you’re getting lesser foot traffic. You can try to go at daylight – either at dawn or before dusk setting up. You can also keep items such as flashlight and cellphone that would be handy for search and other purposes.

While feeding alone, you can use check-in system with a companion, specifically when the shelter area remains to be dodgy. It’s best to avoid any feeding when there is stranger activity. So if the regular area of feeding seems compromised for whatsoever reason.

You can try moving gradually in food station 10 feet.  One at a time down to anywhere that seems safe – either it has to be far from traffic or people that may cause harm. As safe eating instructions, it isn’t advisable to remain in unsafe situation only for feeding.

Food Type to Feed and How Much

The total amount of food required by cats would depend on weather, size and price of station, various other food sources and size of the cat that you’re feeding.  An adult full grown feral cat can roughly have 5.5 oz of wet (canned) food in addition to dry food of 2 ounces. A few cats would considerably eat a lot of food while others wouldn’t eat much.

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You can monitor total amount of food that are left behind by cats for determining proper portion. If all food gets finished within 15 minutes, it would be better to add little more. If still there is some food left after 1 hour, you can try a little bit less.

Winters would require dry food for cat as when the wet food isn’t finished up fast, it can freeze quickly. And you must remember that while a lot of cats can simply enjoy canned foods, you can always feed colony alone on these. It’s best to keep feeding station products at their best condition.

Not only this would be vital for the health of cats, but this would also be worthy for community relations. You can remove any left out food – and you shouldn’t keep the food out overnight, as other wildlife can also sneak in.

Finally Make Sure to Feed and Fix!

It’s essential to offer water, food and shelter for outdoor cats.  But it would also equally be vital to make sure that all cats residing around the colony are neutered and spayed quickly, once feeding begins in a colony. If it doesn’t happen to be small, the colony would get quadrupled in size within a short time period.

Neutering and spaying cats wouldn’t only lead to stopping of cycles of kittens.  But it would also eliminate any other problematic issues like spraying, fighting and howling. So if you’re feeding, make sure to fix everything after cat feeding is done.

These best practices along with these instructions must be followed for keeping it discreet and clean. The two best times that you can utilize for food for feral or pet cats are dusk and daybreak.  As at that time cats generally remain active and up.

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