The Pawmosa Cat Scratcher Review

Pawmosa Cat Scratcher, Vertical Cardboard Cats Scratching Post, Lounge Bed as Furniture Protector and Home Décor Include Free Catnip (Honey)

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If you want to avoid getting your furniture and drapes shredded by your cat, you will need to get a cat scratcher. Some people like cardboard scratchers, and of course cats do too, but there are many other choices out there that you could go with. Obviously, you want to get your kitty cat the best cat scratcher that your money can buy, one that does the job, won’t ruin your budget, and one that your cat likes. Today we are here to take a closer look at the Pawmosa Cat Scratcher, a nice little cardboard cat scratch that doubles as a bed.

Pawmosa Cat Scratcher Review

There is really not all that much to say about this particular cat scratcher. It is a modern cat scratcher that uses really durable cardboard to increase longevity and to decrease cardboard chipping. It’s a nice cat scratcher that can even double as a cat bed. The addition of catnip leaves ensures that your cats will be attracted to it instead of being attracted to your carpeting, sofas, clothing, curtains, or other furniture. This cat scratcher might not look fancy and it might be really simple, but it definitely gets the job done.

Who is this product for?

More or less, if you have a cat, then the Pawmosa Cat Scratcher is right for you, or should we say for your cat. The point here is that cats need a surface to scratch in order to satisfy several needs. If you have a cat that tends to go after your furniture, you might really want to look into the Pawmosa Cat Scratcher.

This scratcher is especially ideal for picky cats that might avoid other scratchers like scratching posts. The catnip helps to lure them in and keep them away from your furniture. The Pawmosa Cat Scratcher is especially good for indoor cats that have nowhere else to scratch, or at least nothing that they should be scratching. The bottom line here is that if you have a cat, the Pawmosa Cat Scratcher is probably a good option to keep in mind.

What in the box?

The Pawmosa Cat Scratcher is what you get here and nothing else. It is a simple cardboard cat scratcher made with high-density cardboard. It features both a vertical and a horizontal scratching surface, both things cats really like. You also get some catnip leaves to spread around in the cardboard in order to attract your cat to it. We like the simple design of this scratcher because it tends to fit in quite well with most types of furniture and styles

Overview of features

Now, to be very honest, it is not like there is all that much to cover here. The Pawmosa Cat Scratcher is a fairly simple and straightforward cat scratcher and there is really not much to say about it. For one, it is made with high-density cardboard that is designed to last for quite a while; in other words, it is going to take your cat quite a while to shred this thing, unlike a normal cardboard box.

At the same time, the Pawmosa Cat Scratcher is also made to reduce chipping. Many low-quality cardboard cat scratchers end up sending little pieces of cardboard all throughout your home, which is, of course, a mess you don’t want to deal with; however, this is not a problem you are going to face with the Pawmosa Cat Scratcher.

Also, as we mentioned before, this scratcher is filled with catnip, which is really convenient. Cats love catnip, they like scratching, and they like digging for food, all things which make the Pawmosa Cat Scratcher rather perfect for most cats.

We also like the fairly modern look of this scratcher. No, it’s not some really nice furniture, but at least it is not an eyesore. It blends in fairly well with most home décor, plus the way it is built makes it a good shape to fit into a corner.

Pawmosa Cat Scratcher, Vertical Cardboard Cats Scratching Post, Lounge Bed as Furniture Protector and Home Décor Include Free Catnip (Honey)

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: a versatile scratcher with large scratching surface that can also be enjoyed as a lounger and a cat bed
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: high density cardboard with durable construction not only lasts longer but also minimizes cardboard chips and debris
  • Natural catnip leaves included to attract your cats
  • Simple and modern design blends in with any home décor styles. In-door use recommended
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 12 x 21.7, generous size that fits most cats and multiple kittens View on Amazon


Usually when we review a product, we give a little tutorial on how to set up and use it. However, this Pawmosa Cat Scratcher is quite straightforward. All you need to do is take it out of the packaging, place it in a corner, preferably somewhere your cat frequents a lot, and let your cat go at it. Once it is totally shredded, you will need to replace it.


Just in case you would like to check out an alternative, let’s quickly look at the Classy Kitty Cat Carpet Scratching Post. This scratching post is a large vertical scratching post that also has a horizontal section. The main difference here is in height. Cats tend to like tall scratching posts, which allows them to also stretch while scratching, but the Classy Kitty Cat Carpet Scratching Post does not have the height. At the same time, the carpet on the post is probably going to last a bit longer than the cardboard on the Pawmosa. The price difference between them is not that great.


At the end of the day, the Pawmosa Cat Scratcher makes for a good cat scratching post, no doubt. It may not be the fanciest model around, but it allows your cat to have fun, to scratch, to mark their territory, and more, all without ruining your furniture.