Why Do Cats Like Cat Trees?

You have probably heard of cat trees before, but are they really good for anything besides costing you money? The bottom line is that cat trees are godsends to anybody with a cat, as they help to keep your cat busy and happy. Why do cats like cat trees so much?


First off, cats enjoy cat trees, especially the taller ones, because it provides them with a perch to look down on us mere mortals. Yeah, cats seem to think they are the boss of the house no matter where they are, and it’s why they like to look down on the people they are with.

Ok, all jokes aside, cats do enjoy perching up high because it provides them with a great vantage point to see what is going on around them.

Whether this is so they can hunt for prey from a good vantage point, keep an eye on you, or just pretend that they are in charge of the home, cats love to perch up high. There is a reason why cats will jump onto and hangout on fridges and high up cabinets, because they want that vantage point, which is something that every good cat tree will provide them with.


Another reason why cats enjoy cat trees is because they usually provide your feline companions with a comfortable place to sleep. Cats are usually not too picky when it comes to where they sleep, but they do have preferences.

A good cat tree will come with several sections and platforms, usually with good cushioning, sometimes with walls or roofs too, all of which provide your cat with a comfortable, safe, and secure sleeping spot. Cats love to lounge around, especially on soft surfaces, and a good cat tree will provide them with just that.

A really nice cat tree will usually combine a soft bed with small walls and a perch, which then provides your cat with a nice place to sleep while also allowing them to keep an eye on everything around them. Cats also like their privacy from time to time, which is another reason why they like the walled off sleeping areas.

A good cat perch will come with something that almost resembles a little dog house, an elevated one, where your cat can feel safe and cozy, have a comfy place to sleep, and usually still keep an eye on the humans below.


The next reason why your cat is going to love a cat tree, at least a good one, is because they provide your cats with entertainment. Many cat trees come with toys, either hanging toys or standing toys, or even sometimes motion-based toys. We all know that cats love to swat at balls, play with strings, and everything in between.

A good cat tree will come with 1 or several toys so your cat can let out some anger, emotions, and just have some fun swatting a ball or something like that.

Moreover, cats are just very curious and explorative, and many like to be on the move. A cat tree can keep your cat busy and occupied simply by allowing it to climb around on it and move from one section to another. If you have a cat that is constantly exploring the house and getting into trouble, a nice cat tree with a lot of entertainment features might just be the solution you are looking for.

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Yet another reason why cats love cat trees is due to territoriality issues. Not all cats are very territorial, but hey, at some point or another, everybody likes a space that they can call their own. You know the feeling, sometimes you just want a single room, or even a single thing in your home to be just yours and nobody else’s. Maybe you just want something to be yours alone, or maybe you want a space where you can unwind without having other people breathing down your neck.

Well, this is kind of like what a cat tree is for cats. This is something that belongs to your cat, it is their space, where they can play, they choose where to lounge, and so on and so forth. Like we said, not all cats are territorial, and not all are loners, but some are, and some are those things to quite a large degree.

If you have a cat that likes to be alone from time to time, and if you have a cat that wants a space to call their own, a cat tree will help accomplish these things and satisfy those needs.


Another reason why cats really enjoy cat trees is because they usually always come with some kind of scratch pad or scratching posts. To elaborate, cats have claws, and they need to use them. Cats always feel the need to use their claws, which is why you probably have  shredded pillows and sofa legs in your home.

At the very least, a good cat tree will keep those claws on the scratching posts and away from your furniture. Also, did you know that cat claws keep growing, and they need to be trimmed, kept relatively short, and they need to be sharpened too? Well, scratching does all of these things and more, such as spreading around oils.

Cats need to scratch for claw health, and they feel the inherent need to do so anyway. A good cat tree with a scratching post will satiate these needs.


As you can see, there are many reasons why cats like cat trees, so we would definitely recommend investing in one for your feline friend.(You can read our full guide on best cat scratching post here ).