6 Benefits of Organic Beet Juice Powder

The nutritionist says you need an equivalent of 2 cups of beet to meet your body’s daily nitrate requirements. Organic beet juice is quite common. How else can you get all the nitrates your body needs without having to stuff your face with beets? Beetroot has been praised as a functional superfood ideal for everyone … Read more

3 Reasons Why Beets Work For Diabetic Patients

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Are red beets healthy during pregnancy?

Are red beets healthy during pregnancy? That is a valid question for any pregnant woman to ask; everything can potentially affect the unborn baby. In this article, we explore how beets are indeed healthy. Taking beetroot while pregnant carries with it multiple health benefits. It is also an ideal alternative for when those sugar cravings … Read more

How does beetroot help in weight loss? The simple truth

Beetroots are very good when it comes to losing weight because they have very little calories and no fat. Cooking, boiling, or eating raw beetroot are some of the ways you can answer the question of how does beetroot help in weight loss. I have always struggled to maintain my weight ever since I was … Read more

Is beet powder good for you? What are the benefits?

Beets are one of those foods you love and hate in equal measure but they still remain the best nutrient-dense superfood there is. You can take it raw or in powder form but is beet powder good for you? Hi, my name is Adriana and I’m a nutritionist. I spend most of my time doing … Read more

Pomegranate extract testosterone- Is it effective?

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Simple beetroot recipes you can make at home

Beetroot is a very nutritious vegetable that will boost your body immunity with its Vitamins and minerals. Except juicing beetroot you may not know other simple beetroot recipes that you can prepare. I love cooking and exploring with different recipes that I find online and from friends. I always make sure that the foods I … Read more

Nitric oxide and blood pressure-How do they relate to each other?

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What is pomegranate extract? What are its benefits?

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