Why Are Beets Good for Your Brain?

Are you looking to enhance your brain power and your performance during exercise? The answer lies with the superfood beetroot. Read on to find the answer for why are beets good for your brain.

To boost performance during a workout, some people take a shot of beet juice or beet supplements before. Here’s why.

Why are beets good for your brain?

The fact that beets increase the supply of oxygen to the brain is the reason you find that those exercising can do it longer.

For that reason, you can be sure that you’ll harness the full effects of a workout when you take beet juice an hour before. Beets also aid in the regulation of blood pressure and purification of blood, so you can only expect an elevated experience when getting that cardio or strength training in.

Getting the brain working at optimum is everyone’s wish. We all want to feel that our minds are working at their optimum at all times.

It helps us not just when it comes to exercises but when going about our business. I would like to know that I can make the best judgment because I am taking care of my brain in more ways than one.

While I am not suggesting that beets are a wonder vegetable that will give you all these things, it is a useful companion when working on your mind and body.

Such realities quickly answer the question are red beets good for your body. However, it does no good if you are still hinged to fast food or do not do any physical exercises. To get the full benefits of beetroot, whether you are eating it or drinking a juice, you ought to be prepared to make some changes toward being healthy

The science behind Your Brain and Beets

Aging comes with complications that include the diminishing of one’s mental and cognitive functions.

In some cases the result of this natural process is dementia. Overall, what leads to the decline is when there is a reduced flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. What preliminary results from scientific research show is beets promote dilation of blood vessels, and thus ups the quantity of blood getting into the brain.

What scientists are also suggesting is that blood flow improves particularly on the frontal lobe, the area responsible for the working memory and decision making.

While that is what clinical trial are showing, long term results of the same are still to emerge with regards to a beet’s ability to effect change in dementia.

What is known is that nitrates increase blood flow to the brain and this improving cognitive function.

A study by Wake Forest University showed taking beet juice supplements before a workout helps an older person’s brain perform better.

They continue to say the beets cause the brain to mirror that of a younger person. Scientists also found that the nitrate in the beets is what facilitates this change.

When ingested, the body converts the nitrate into both nitrite and nitric oxide. The latter chemical is what helps increase blood flow and thus improving performance. That explains why beets are so good for you.

Still on the nitric oxide, as we age, we lose 10 percent of our ability to produce it. Being very aware of this, I have taken seriously to having beetroot as part of my diet.

I have to be excellent for my clients, and that means keeping up even as the years are progress. Another fact to note about nitric oxide is that it boots immune cells that then kill cancer cells and bacteria.

Final thoughts

Beetroots are the ideal partner for those living a healthy lifestyle. I recommend it for anyone who wants to boost their brain function and keep it healthy.

Beet juice or supplements are also fantastic before your workout; you’ll get the most out of it. You don’t have to believe me or the science- try it for yourself!

People also ask

When should one drink beet juice before a workout?

In two to three hours the nitric oxide levels peak in the system after taking beet juice. So it is recommended that you take it two hours before the workout.

Are beets good for everyone?

Overall, beets are considered a superfood. However, there are cases where taking beets can prove to make current illnesses worse. If you suspect you have a health concern or you have been diagnosed with one, first talk to your physician before taking beets.

Are beets good for memory?

Researchers at the Translational Science Center in a study found that beets increase blood flow to the specific part of the brain associated with dementia to boost memory. That comes to show that the everyday person can benefit from taking beets.

How long does it take for beets to clear the system?

This question is best answered by your stool and urine. When you notice red pigment, you’ll know it’s out of your system.