What Beets Can Do For Your Skin and Your Health

So you’ve heard that beets might be good for you, but you aren’t fully sure how they profit your body? In this post, I will explain why beets are making their way from playing strict salad accompaniments to being part of many main meals for lots of health enthusiasts.

I am always looking for healthy ways to improve my diet. There has been a surge of cancer-promoting foods in lots of stores, and the best way you can avoid them is by maintaining a natural and organic menu in your home. Yes, I keep a mental menu so I know beforehand what and where I should get my supplies, and when it is time to switch it up!

What do beets have to do with all this? I am glad you asked. It is always exciting when I stumble upon natural foods that are packed full of nutrients that you wouldn’t ordinarily find in your usual meals. Beets are much more than small round root vegetables.

Beet Benefits To Your Health


Beets have antioxidants that facilitate removal of toxins from your blood – which is good for your kidneys and liver. Some antioxidants even lead to the production of more liver cells that increase fat synthesis in your liver.

Less Inflammation

Inflammation happens when your body is fighting off an infection a little too hard. You may experience pain, swelling, discomfort, and redness. Betalains, present in beets, can reduce these symptoms.

Energy Boost

Some bodybuilders and fitness buffs prefer beet juice as their pre-workout supplement and here’s why: the nitrates in beets help dilate your blood vessels for better circulation. More circulation means improved stamina and performance.

Lower Blood Pressure

Constricted blood vessels make your heart pump harder to distribute blood, and this can lead to high blood pressure. The nitrates in beets turn to nitric oxide in your system, which leads to expanded blood vessels for easier blood flow.

More Haemoglobin

Low levels of hemoglobin lead to anemia. The high amounts of minerals and vitamin in beets (especially iron), helps you keep your hemoglobin levels stable.

Beet Benefits To Your Skin


Directly applying your beets may help you maintain youthful skin. How? The antioxidants in beets fight harmful radicals that damage your skin and lead to lines and wrinkle.

After peeling one raw beet, cut it up, blend, and then strain the contents. Use cotton balls to dab the juice gently on your clean face. Clean the juice off after 1o minutes. Use a mild face cleanser. Do this once a week, and preferably at night to have enough time for any staining to clear.

Fewer Blemishes

Vitamin C does not only even your skin tone – it helps reduce pigmentation and discoloration on your skin. Beets have impressive amounts of vitamin C. Here’s how you can make your own beet mask.


Applying the beet juice topically can moisturize and soften your skin, especially by getting rid of old and dead skin cells on your face. Don’t forget to drink the juice as well!


There are countless benefits to beetroot consumption, but you may also need to take precaution and take them moderately. Too much of beets can be harmful to kidney patients, can lead to low calcium levels, and may lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels if you already have low blood pressure.