Best Material for Cat Scratching Post & How To Choose

Having cats at home is therapeutic. After all, these pets are adorable since you can tickle, cuddle, and play with them. However, having cats also has its downside.  As you can be dealing with cat scratching and damage on furniture like the couch or dining chairs as well as the rugs, carpets, and walls.

The two main materials available for a cat scratching posts are sisal fabric and sisal rope. Cats tend to prefer the sisal fabric since it doesn’t have ridges in between layers like sisal rope. This allows for a good grip on a vertical scratching surface.

One way to prevent such from happening is to purchase a good scratching post. But what are good materials for a cat scratching post that cats prefer?  Cats need exercise and providing them with a scratching surface with sisal fiber or sisal is a great way to provide something that cats like.

Here is a rundown of what you need to know before buying a scratching post.

Material for Cat Scratching Post: Choose Wisely

Choosing a cat scratching post is no rocket science, but it can also be a confusing and daunting task. One can end up purchasing several posts that the cat will refuse to scratch. When this happens, be prepared to see your pet go back to its favorite scratching item which could be your pricey upholstered pieces of furniture like a sofa or dining chairs.

kitten on scratch post with sisal rope

Do not get confused and think the cat dislikes scratching post per se. On the contrary, the cats can enjoy scratching posts just not the one you bought because the material and design might be unappealing.

A common mistake that many cat owners make is choosing a cat scratching post that they like. They tend to forget that humans have different preferences from cats.

As such, when buying a scratching post, one has to think of the cat’s choices mainly on the material.  Cats need a scratching surface to scratch, this could be a cat scratching post or cat scratchers made of sisal rope, sisal fabric or corrugated cardboard.

Scratching posts come in different designs, sizes and materials and the number of available choices can be quite confusing. Many of these items are aesthetically appealing to humans, but unfortunately, the cats do not favor them.

Research has shown that cats want materials that are sturdy as they shred them apart with their claws. This is because cats are also territorial and love marking their territory. Keep in mind that shredding is a fun activity for these pets and scratching on not-so-sturdy materials are not challenging enough for them.

Material not found at home

There are cat scratching posts made from carpet and you buy them remembering the times when your pet has scratched the carpet back home. But when buying a scratching post, pet owners must remember that it is wise to get one that does not duplicate the material found at home.

The reason for this is simple; your cats might get confused why he or she is allowed to scratch the carpet in the post but not the one lying at home. Plus, this home accessory does not have the roughness that cats love.

Sisal Fabric or Sisal Rope

cat scratching on post with sisal rope

When buying a scratch post you may want to get one that is made from sisal fabric as this material makes for a wonderful scratching surface for your pets. It is a heavy-duty material that cats love as it wonderfully shreds under their claws. These pets, after all, find satisfaction in scratching surfaces and sisal fabric gives them this sensation.

Often you see a scratching post made from sisal fabric or sisal rope.

What is the difference between the material?

Sisal fabric gives a better scratching experience than sisal rope. This is because cats can draw their claws on the material while having a good grip on it. The sisal fabric has both the resistance and texture that cats love.

On the other hand, sisal rope does not give as much pleasurable scratching experience because cats are not able to do the vertical shredding movement they like. The ridge found in between the various layers of the rope interrupts the scratching process. The cats end up scratching, bumping and stopping, which arguably does not equate to an exciting scratching experience.

Other Factors to Consider – To Satisfying Scratching

Now that we know the preferred scratching material of the cats, it is best to start learning about the other factors to consider when buying a scratching post.

Bengal cat hugs a scratching post in a bright room

Aside from height and material, a kitty owner must also look for the stability of the product.  And not much to challenge or a great experience to scratch a post that is toppled easily.

A base and a sturdy board is a design choice that provides stability to the scratching post. There are products on the market that has a wooden base that weighs heavy enough to keep the post from falling easily when the cat starts scratching on it.

The base must be made from durable material to provide stability for the entire post. Also, one has to check if the board has enough traction so that the post will not slide off easily. Many cats end up frustrated if the scratching post keeps on moving and interrupts their exercise.

You may also want to buy a product that has a cat perch as a bonus for your beloved pet. Think of this add-on as a mezzanine to your cat’s condo. There are plenty of manufacturers that provide bonuses for the products as it has its virtues. The cat can look around its world through this “mezzanine”.  Plus it gives the cat a sense of ownership as no other living things stay on this perch.

Keep in mind; that cats are territorial animals and having a place of their own where they can lounge or rest is indeed a great treat.  And adding a simple cat toy to the lounge area is an added bonus for your feline.

Hopefully you will have a better understanding of what is the best material to use for a cat scratching post and find that perfect piece of cat furniture your cats prefer and will love.

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