Delicious Ways To Include Your Beets in Your Salads

Beets are tasty, and you can store them in your root cellar all year round no matter their peak season. They make a great addition to your salads, and not just for their deliciousness. Their bright color will have your salads popping and giving your meals a new look!

It is an invasion – and a pleasant one at that. Beets are everywhere. You can eat them alone, make some baked beets or beet chips or combine them with almost everything (well, not nearly everything!) Most chefs love beets for the sweetness and the color they bring to food.

Who doesn’t hate boring salads? There is so much you can do to make this part of the meal exciting: here is how — specifically with beets. From the simplest salads you can make on a lazy day to an award-winning recipe that will astound your guests, here are a couple of ways you can pair your beets in your salads.

Chicken, Avocado, Beet, and Orange Salad

I love everything in this salad – the flavor and the color especially. Cut off the peels from two oranges so you can slice them up easily. Cut half an avocado up and have a handful of greens of your choice aside.

To cook the beets (two), give them 40 minutes in your pre-heated oven and cube your one cup of the cooked chicken breast. Once the beets are ready, cube them up like the avocado. Take a large bowl and mix everything up, don’t forget the greens!

To dress, whisk in a small bowl some orange juice, a tbsp of vinegar, two pinches of salt and pepper each, and one or two tbsps of virgin olive oil. When it’s good, drizzle it over your salad and toss it about before serving.

Apple, Beet, and Feta salad

If you love a quick salad that’s a combo of sweet, salty, and tangy, then this is it for you. You only need some extra pea shoots and salad leaves (a handful of each), and the dressing. Slice the apple and crush the feta over your bowl of greens. When all three beets are ready, toss them in the mixture.

For dressing, little olive oil and a sprinkle of salt are enough. Mix your contents all about, and you can enjoy your salad.

Beet, White Bean, and Orange Salad

Sometimes it’s not always about the red beet. Give yourself a break from all the staining that’s been going around in your kitchen and pick the orange beet this time around. There won’t be much slicing and dicing to do here, depending on what you pair it with.

You can pair up this salad with fish or chicken. For the greens, you go with parsley and lettuce; it is all about choice. Don’t forget the vinegar, salt, and pepper when you dress.

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Options are endless if you want to pair your beets with your salads. To preserve the nutrients in your beets, you can microwave or steam them instead of roasting. Good luck with your beety, salad journey!