Different Ways You Can Consume Your Beets

Some love them raw while others love them cooked. Whichever way you prefer to have your beets, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few more tricks you can use to implement them in your diet.  Besides, who says you can’t have a little fun with them while at it?

I love healthy meals. Give me anything fresh, natural, and organic, and I will find a great (and even quirky) way to include it in my meals. There’s nothing as boring as eating the same meal over and over again. Have some fun in the kitchen and with the food-preparing process; there are countless options available online. One vegetable I enjoy playing around with is the beetroot.

If you’ve only bought canned and jellied beets, it’s only fair if you never thought of trying them ever again. Fortunately, they will serve you much better in their original state – as small, red and hard balls straight from the garden. They smell pleasantly earthy and are surprisingly sweet too – in a mellow way.

To get to their delicious parts, you have to skin the beet first. The skin is very thin, making it easy to peel off when raw. Keep in mind that beets will stain everything they come into contact with: Your fingers, your dishes, and even your digestive tract will go scarlet! However, the staining is safe, and you can roast them just slightly if you want fewer stains. Use a paper towel to rub the skin off once they are tender after roasting. I prefer them raw.

Awesome Ways To Eat Your Beets


This is a quick and nutritious way to have your beets. Peel and slice them thinly then add the juice of one lemon and a pinch of chile powder for a spicy, crunchy, and tangy combination. You can replace the lemon juice with lime, depending on your preference. Play around with them!


I like to keep it simple with my pickled beets. Roast them until cooked (if you want them crunchier in the end, don’t let them cook completely). Slice them thinly while laying them in canning jars with a few lemon onions and the vinegar of your choice. I prefer apple cider vinegar since it is sour and sweet. I eat them from the jar after pickling them in the fridge for three days.

In Your Salads

Once your beets are roasted and peeled, you can add them to your barley and feta for one unforgettable mouthful of a salad. You can play around with other grains and the amounts of each ingredient as you wish.


Depending on the proportions of beets you use, you can go all scarlet in your cakes and brownies by adding lots of beet puree to your icing (make the puree by blending cooked beets).  You can even use them in your ice cream.

There are many other ways to include beets in your recipes. You can combine them with grains and greens for your family, include them in the famous goat cheese tart, make a yummy and crunchy slaw with carrots, and even crispy beet chips for movie night. Have a look at a couple of ways you can have fun with beets!


Your beet choices are endless. Once you have tried out all these different beet recipes, you can finally decide if you have a favorite way to prepare your beets, or whether you are stuck with them all!