Worx Landroid: The Most Affordable Robotic Lawn Mower?

This review goes over the Worx Landroid – a robotic lawn mower that claims to be different from the pack in the sense that it uses artificial intelligence to go over the yard. Is it really the most affordable and the best? Let’s find out.

Apparently, the way your lawn is taken care of shows how much of an “artist” you might be. Does this sound familiar to you? If not, just read ahead. Otherwise, you might re-consider the time you put into your yard and put into reading a book or something. Kidding.

If you’d like to check out reviews on Amazon, you can find them here.

Worx Landroid | A Quick Overview Of The Mower

What Is The Worx Landroid?

This robot lawn mower claims to be the ‘easiest set up’ out of others on the market simply because you are suppose to be able to remove it from the box and put it to work right away.

The model we’re going talk about in this review is the Worx Landroid M.

How Does The Landroid Compare To Other Robotic Mowers?

One of the biggest benefits this mower has is that it’s [more] budget friendly than some of the other brands on the market. Although it’s not a remote control lawn mower like the Robomow, it’s still got a major advantage here.

People are looking for a robotic mower to take time for other things like landscaping, keeping their lawn gnomes in check, and in general – entertainment. For these people (and this may be you), there’s not always an unlimited supply of money in the bank. Plus, it’s a big deal that you might actually get a lawn mower that cuts the grass for you.

Let’s take a look at some of what the Worx Landroid has to offer.

Does The Worx Mower Have An App?

Yes, there’s an app for this. And, I have to admit that I’m not as thrilled with this one simply because it doesn’t have the option to drive it around the yard like the Robomow. This may not be a deal breaker for you and that’s okay. Keep in mind, this is designed to pull out of the box, place it onto your lawn and let it go to work.

Features to Consider

Similar to the other reviews on the site, below are some of the major factors you might consider when looking into this mower. It’s important to compare and differentiate this model from the others.

Maximum Lawn Size

Since we’re only looking at one model, the chart beneath here is pretty self-explanatory. The Landroid cuts a yard up to 1/4 acre.

There are some other factors that may determine how far it’s going to make it including the type of grass and how fast it grows, how sharp the blades are, humidity (believe it or not), the temperature, and what else is on your lawn.

Important to note: if it tends to be hotter in your area, the mower might charge a little slower rate. Also, the less debris it has to work around, the less energy it uses.

Noise Levels

In case you’re thinking about having this cut your grass at night, you might be wondering how loud it is and whether or not you can pass having your neighbors wake up and wonder about your mysterious low-level overnight grass cutting adventure.

Look at the differences with some other top model brands:

Cutting Diameter and Height

The size of the mower seems to be a little on the smaller size with only a 7″ mowing capability. Now, compared to it’s counterparts with widths of up to 22″, this might be a tremendous disadvantage; however, it could also be beneficial if it’s to be used in a smaller area.

The best part?

When you need something that’s going to get in the smaller areas, this is going to work. The other robotic lawn mowers might cut the entire area faster, but if it can’t fit in the parts of the yard you need it to most, well, guess who gets to go fix that?

You’re looking at anywhere between 1.6″-4″ on the height. And, if you need it, there are 5 adjustable positions for this.

How Does It Mow?

The direction that the mower decides to go is at random. This will help with not leaving mowing paths behind and making sure the entire lawn is mowed evenly.

It uses a shock sensor system to detect objects. When coming in contact with anything on the lawn, it will stop, back-up, and turn around to mow a different way. This is the process of how your grass gets cut fully.

The Worx Landroid can mow a slope up to 20 degrees (35%).

Worx Warranty

I put this on here because it’s a plus one when comparing directly with similar models. Typically, with competitor robotic mowers, there is only the first year when the device is covered.

But, with the Worx Landroid M, it comes standard with a 3-year warranty. That’s helpful to know that it’s covered and you don’t have to worry about it.

Battery Life

The Landroid houses a 28-volt battery. Although this doesn’t compare to their 56v 3-in-1 cordless mower, it’s still pretty impressive considering this mower is doing all of the work for you!

As with many other pieces of electronic equipment, taking care of the battery is crucial. The total length of life depends on it.

The total span of the battery depends on a few factors including:

  • How long mowing season lasts
  • Number of hours Landroid mows per day
  • Maintaining the battery while not in use.

Winter Hibernation

This is designated in the manual especially to pay attention to. The manufacturer recommends that you give your mower a full charge before storing.

Here are the specifics of what to do before “hibernation” time:

  • Thoroughly Clean
  • Fully Charge The Battery
  • Turn It Off

It seems that some of these are self-explanatory, but it pays to get these things right. It’s important to keep the battery charged in the winter due to cold temperatures and getting the most out of your mower.

Other Misc. Features

Have a look at some simple features the Landroid M has to offer.

Rain Sensors

It detects rain drops and will immediately stop mowing. The mower follows the boundary wire back to the base and then starts a delay start countdown (0-180 mins.) before returning to duty.

Finding Charging Base

If it becomes low on battery and determines that a recharge is necessary, the Landroid will find it’s way back to base, get a fresh charge and then return afterwards.

Maximized Cutting Capacity

The cutting blades actually spin in two directions in order to keep the blades sharp and cutting for the max amount of time. They can be flipped/rotated when needed to get a fresh cutting edge.

Software Update

When new versions are out, you’ll be able to take advantage of newer software. It’s pretty simple with just plugging a USB drive into the port available on the machine.

How Often (And How Long) Will It Need To Cut My Lawn?

The length of time (given from the instruction manual) for 1100 sq. ft is about 3 hours. A typical schedule might be setup with Monday and Thursday mowing from 7-8:30.

Of course these estimates will be determined by the slope of your yard, how tall your grass is, and a number of other considerations.

What’s Included With The Mower?

There’s enough in the package to get setup for the use of the mower. No additional accessories or parts needed. Here’s what’s included:

  • Well, the mower itself
  • Charging Base
  • 590 ft. boundary wire
  • [200] Installation Pegs
  • 590 Ft. Boundary Wire
  • [4] Charging Base Nails
  • Power Adapter
  • 2 Boundary Wire Distance Gauge

The mower uses three blades. So, you’ll be getting enough replacements for three times.

Where Is The Worx Landroid Sold?

Currently, the Landroid is available on Amazon and other online retailers.

Is The Landroid Really Affordable?

MSRP for the mower is priced less than $1,000. For most retailers, it seems to be around the 999-ish mark. But, as with many products, the price can vary. You’ll need to do your own research on this part.

It’s really hard to complain about that price, considering other robot mowers are going for twice that or more.

Who is it Designed For?

Any person looking to get the most affordable and economical robot mower. You’ll be spending less and still getting the functionality of a robotic mower to suit your needs.

Everything you need will come with the mower, without having to purchase any additional accessory kits or installation hardware. Definitely a plus!

Who is it Not For?

If you own a home with a larger yard and are looking for a mower to give a quicker cut, you might consider a Robomow that will allow up to 3/4 acre and a 22″ cutting width.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you’ll get the capability of a remote control robotic mower using the Robomow. A feature certainly worth having and using all the time!

Summary and Thoughts

Hands down, the Worx Landroid is the most budget friendly robotic lawn mower to consider. Some of the features that you might miss out on are:

  • Wider Cutting Width
  • Remote Control Mower Feature
  • Shorter Cut Times

Even though you’ll have to sacrifice some of the above features (and others not mentioned) and miss out on advanced options, it’s a great buy.

So, if you’re looking to invest in some of the latest yard technology, are willing to take break from pushing the mower and/or wanting to get extra tasks done around the outdoors of your home, consider the Landroid.

Find the Worx Landroid here on Amazon.