Can I feed beets to my pets?Are they good for dogs?

A well-balanced diet of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables is a healthy way of nourishing your four-legged family members. Beets are healthy vegetables that are good for your health but, can I feed beets to my pets?

My family loves having dogs around the house. They make the house lively, fun, and I feel safe with them around.

It’s nice putting in some fruits and veggies to add nutrients in their diet. You can add veggies like beets, carrots, broccoli, apples, and berries. The dogs love the beets and berries because of their sugary taste.

Can I feed beets to my pets?

Can I feed beets to my pets is a question any pet owner would ask but when it comes to dogs the short answer is yes but with some caution. It’s safe for dogs to eat beets and they aren’t toxic in any way. Beets are very healthy food for your furry friend if taken in moderation containing loads of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are good for your dog’s immune system, digestion, and a healthy coat and skin.

Raw beets can choke your dog so the best way to serve the beets is to cook them first to soften them and prevent choking. Beets are also messy if you serve them raw. The beets color can get to your dog’s fur or stain your floor or furniture. Beets will also turn your dog poop to red which is harmless but can be concerning. If your dog has issues with the bladder and kidney stones, it’s best not to feed them beets because of the high levels of oxalates. They are acidic and can cause a lot of discomfort to your dog which can lead to diarrhea or gas in the stomach.

You can serve your dog raw or cooked beets but not all raw vegetables are good for your dog. Lightly boiled or steamed beets peeled and then cut into small pieces is the best way to prepare beets for dogs. And never give your dog canned or pickled beets because they contain lots of sodium which can cause serious health issues for your dog. If you’re introducing beets to your dog for the first time, give in small quantities and carefully check for any signs of an allergic reaction. Click here to know which other furry friends love eating beets.


Beets contain lots of fiber both soluble and insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber adds bulk and moisture to your dog’s poop and the intestinal bacteria helps to promote a healthy colon. The best to incorporate beets to your dog’s diet is through dog food that contains dried beet pulp. Most quality pet foods contain beet pulp and if you fed correctly to your dog it can be very beneficial.

Dogs are active animals and they need strong muscles. Beets contain carbs that help build your dog’s muscles, provide energy, and put on some weight if your dog is underweight.

If your dog is overweight, eating beets can help to reduce its weight since it contains very low calories with no fat content. You can also include more veggies in your dog’s diet.

It’s very costly for some pet owners to afford pet food and they choose to feed their dogs with homemade meals. It’s very nutritious if you combine dog food with fresh beets or add it to your homemade meal balanced with a good source of protein. You can also cook or mash the beets as an occasional treat for your dog.

Beets are good for your dog as they deliver valuable manganese, fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and folate to your dog’s diet. With 88% of water, beets and low calories, beets are an excellent antioxidant for your pooch.

Dogs don’t need veggies in their diet but they’re very beneficial to their health. If you decide to add other fruits and veggies go for those that are slow to digest and keep an eye on the fruit sugars.

Now you know you can give your pets beets without any problems

Beets are good for your pet friends provided you don’t overfeed them. They contain fiber that is good for your dog’s digestion and a healthy colon. Beets also help your dog to lose some weight and healthy and nutritious addition to a balanced protein diet.


Are beets a healthy diet for dogs?

It’s less costly and healthier to feed your dog a homemade meal with beets. Half of your dog’s diet should contain grains and starchy vegetables like barley, brown rice, or oatmeal.

What does dried beet pulp do in dog food?

Beet pulp is a dried ingredient mostly found in quality dog food. Beet pulp contains fiber that is good for your dog’s digestion, provides good intestinal bacteria, and provides bulk to your dog’s poop.

Are beet leaves poisonous to dogs?

Raw beet greens can be poisonous to your dog but when cooked they’re safe to eat. You can feed your dog a few beet greens without any problems.

Can my dog eat cooked beets?

Beets aren’t toxic to dogs. However canned or pickled beets contain a lot of sodium that your dog doesn’t need.

Are beets good for dog allergies?

Some people are allergic to beets and that can be true with some dogs. Beets contain anti-inflammatory elements that help to reduce inflammation and allergic reactions.