About Us

Stranded at Home™ was born out of the virus we don’t speak of in 2020. There were so many people stuck at home with nothing to do, trying new things, and all the while trying to have fun with family and friends.

We’re currently a family of five (hopefully 6 in 2021!) trying to make a living online by writing up articles to serve you. Whitney is really the true writer of the family, but if ServantDad is interested, he might write a few.

All of these articles are in different categories including pets, food, home and kitchen, and others. Since we own two cats and two dogs, talking about pets is what we get to deal with every day.

One of our favorite articles is the one about soft serve ice cream makers and how the pick the right one for your family. We also have some articles about the best griddle for pancakes and even articles asking the question, “What is soapstone“?

Whatever you’re looking for, we hope you found it here, if it’s not here, we’re always writing new stuff!

–The Henrys