Can You Crate a Cat During the Day?

Are you having issues in terms of leaving your cat at home alone during the day, especially in terms of letting it roam around the house? Many people wonder whether or not it is OK to keep a cat in a crate during the day, which is what we are here to figure out. So, can you crate a cat during the day?

Crating a cat during the day may be necessary if your cat is adjusting to a new home, if it is litter box training, for medical purposes, or for behavior issues.

No, you are not the only cat owner to have this problem, not by far, but it does require a solution, nonetheless.

Why Would You Keep Your Cat in a Crate During the Day?

Some people might think that it is cruel to keep a cat in a crate during the day, or at least just not very nice or enjoyable.

Well, it might not be particularly enjoyable from the cat’s point of view, however, when it comes to kids and animals that cannot really look after themselves, sometimes we as the adults need to take charge, and yes, sometimes this means doing things for the good of the pet, for its safety, although the pet itself may not deem it to be enjoyable.

So, although your cat might not love being in a crate, sometimes it is necessary. So, why keep your cat in a crate during the day?

gray and white cat with tongue sticking out
  1. Keeping your cat in the crate to litter train

One of the reasons why you may need to keep your cat crated during the day is because it is a young and untrained cat. If you have a good crate, you can put a small litterbox in there, and the cat should be smart enough to figure out to go to the bathroom in that litter box.

However, if you have a kitten roaming around the house, especially if it is alone, chances are that it will go to the bathroom wherever it sees fit and whenever the need strikes. When it comes to kittens, crating your cat during the day can help avoid your home turning into a toilet.

The next reason why you may want to keep your cat in a crate during the day is due to destruction. Yes, kittens can get really bored.

2. Crating a cat for them to adjust to a new home

Yet another reason why it may be a good idea to keep your cat in a crate during the day is if you have just moved to a new home.

This is especially important to keep in mind if you have an outdoor cat and plan on letting it outside at some point.

It takes several weeks for a cat to get really accustomed to a new home, and moreover, it takes a while until you can let a cat outdoors from a new home before it knows that it is the home and this is where it needs to come back to.

It’s better to keep the cat in a crate than to have it wander off and never come back.

3. If you have multiple cats that are not getting along

The final reason why you may need to keep a cat in a crate during the day is if you have multiple cats that do not get along.

Maybe you can keep them in check when you are home, but when you are gone, maybe they fight a lot. A cat crate is a good way to keep them separated so they don’t go after each other.

This can also be helpful if you just have a mean cat that does not like other people, so when you are not home, you can keep the cat in a crate and stop it from attacking your kids, roommates, or whoever else is in the home.

4. Crating a cat for medical purposes

Your vet may recommend crating your cat to limit activity after a surgery. If a cat or kitten has sticking, they can be ripped or torn by jumping. So temporarily, crating your cat is safer than leaving it out.  

Can I keep my cat in the cage while at work?

Your cat should have enough room to stretch their legs, sleep, eat, and use the litter box. Leaving your cat in a cage for an extending period of time, longer than six hours, can cause your cat to get very bored or stressed.

Should I let my cat sleep during the day?

Cats need between 16 to 20 hours of sleep. If they are woken up during their sleep they may become irritable or lethargic. Cats are naturally nocturnal, so allowing your cat to sleep during the day allows them to be their best self.

How long should you crate your cat during the day?

No longer than six hours. If your cat becomes stressed or starts to have behavior problems your cat may need less time in the crate. The cat should have enough room to stretch its legs, use the litter box, eat, and drink while also having a place to sleep.

Tips for Keeping Your Cat in a Crate During the Day

Ok, so you cannot just get a box and stick your cat inside of it all day. Here are some tips and general rules to follow if you plan on putting your cat in a crate during the day.

First off, a cat crate should be of a good size. This is not for transportation, so there are no bumps or movement issues to consider.

If you are going to get your cat a crate for the day, make sure that it is large enough so your cat can be comfortable.

This means that the cat should at the very least be able to stand up on its feet and it should be able to move around freely. The crate, at the very least, should be twice as long and twice as wide as the cat is long.

Furthermore, keep in mind that cats will need to go to the bathroom at some point, and you don’t want them going on the floor of the crate.

This means that, for one, the crate needs to be large enough to fit a small litterbox with ease, and second, that you need to put that small litterbox inside the crate.

Next, a crate also needs to be comfortable for your cat to be in all day. This means that the cat crate in question should have some kind of bedding or a soft floor.

Whether it already comes with a soft and comfortable floor, or you have to engineer your own, your cat absolutely does not want to lay or sit on a hard surface all day long as it waits for sweet release.

Your cat is also going to get bored, hungry, and thirsty so, this means leaving some food for your cat, maybe not full meals, but some treats. You will want to leave a full water dish too.

Finally, some of your cat’s favorite toys to keep it occupied throughout the day are recommended as well.


The bottom line is that yes, you can crate a cat during the day no problem. Just make sure that it’s a large and comfortable crate, and that you provide your cat with everything it needs for the day.

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