How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill

Keeping a stainless steel grill looking pristine requires time and attention. The more that grills are used and when harsh environmental conditions exist, the more the stainless and grates will need cleaned. To properly clean a stainless steel grill, allow it to cool and rub a wire grill brush to remove leftover food on any … Read more

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Gardena Smart System: The Future of Watering, Automated Lawn Care

Thank you to Lyle MacLeod of for this Gardena Smart System review. It is packed full of details and features that the automated system has to help maintain your outdoor lawn needs. For those out there that don’t want to get their hands dirty and work up a sweat maintaining their lawn, Gardena may … Read more

Why Do Solar Cells Need an Inverter?

When harnessing the power of the sun, solar cells need to convert that energy to a usable type of electricity. This process is known as inverting; taking one type of energy and changing it to another type. Solar cells absorb sunlight (energy) and that produces a direct current, known as DC. Electricity in the form … Read more

What is Soapstone?

soapstone rock standing on green background

Soapstone is commonly found in regions that have experienced orogenic activity. It is a very soft rock, with a soapy feel (like a soap bar) and it can be used for carving. Soapstone is also a good thermal insulator and when used in construction, it is suitable for interior and exterior applications. Soapstone is a … Read more

Do Roses Like Eggshells? 3 Myths for Using Eggshells for Roses

Eggshells provide many nutrients for your soil and many other plants in your yard and garden. Instead of throwing the left-over eggshells in the trash, you can cheaply provide a nutrient your roses will be thanking you for. Roses love calcium, and eggshells provide calcium to soil when broken down. Eggshells will not provide enough … Read more

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