When to Replace a Cat Scratching Post

Many people ask the question when to replace a cat scratching post? Well, it depends on a few things. Is the post worn out from heavy use, or has come to nothing by water damage or cat pee? Are you able to repair the scratching post with sisal rope or using carpet if you’re a DIY kind of person?

You can tell if it’s time to replace your cat scratching post if your cat once used it and now doesn’t, or if it looks worn and torn. A cat post can last from 6 months to 1 year, but can also last for more than 2 years. It all depends on how many cats are using it, the quality of the cat post, and how often it gets used.

When it comes to changing out the scratching post take a little time to check over a few things and look at different styles and options.

Your cat might just thank you! You might even want to try to clean the scratching post if you think there is still some life left in the post. Scratching posts last a fair amount of time when taken care of and the design is a sturdy and stable build.

When is it Time to Replace a Cat Scratching Post?

Replace your cat scratching posts that are well-used to fight off being bored and damaging something else.

A cat can easily get bored, so if your cat used the scratching post often and suddenly doesn’t, it might be time to replace it or switch it out for something different.

Some companies offer a one year warranty for their cat post. So if you are tired of replacing cat posts, buy one with a guarantee. If you are like us and like saving money, you can easily redo your scratch post with a roll of sisal rope.

Try out our calculator to see how much rope you will need for your cat’s scratch post.

How often should a scratch post be changed?

Often times the space you have might call for a new scratching post or you may just find that a different design works out better for your space.

Cats who have found the habit of scratching on walls will like taller posts, and a new post might spark your cat’s curiosity.

So how often do you need to switch out your cat’s scratching posts?

If your cat is developing bad scratching habits like scratching the couch or walls, then she may need a new scratching post to spark her interest and get her to stop those bad habits. Well, then it might be time to invest in a new cat post.

This helps prevent bad habits and allows for their healthy habit of scratching to be nourished. Your old posts can definitely be re-done with a roll of sisal rope if you are needing a more budget-friendly makeover for your pet.

But a taller post and a horizontal post may be fun to try out for both you and your cat.

To help prevent damaged furniture and boredom ensure you have multiple cat scratching posts. So make sure you have at least two pieces of cat furniture for your feline, cat toys also will provide hours of entertainment.

If the cat has stopped using the scratching post then it’s better to look into a replacement or redo it to make it new again.

Sisal rope, the most widely used material for most cat scratching posts. Where to buy sisal rope you ask, click here to look at some top recommended Twisted Sisal Rope.

So as you contemplate if you should replace your cat scratching post with a new one, keep in mind your cat. Because keeping your cat happy and healthy will keep you happy.

Does My Cat Need a Scratching post?

So why do cats scratch in the first place?

Cats scratch:

  • to remove the dead outer layer of their claw
  • to mark their territory visually and by also leaving a scent
  • to stretch their body, claws, and muscles

Scratching is normal for cat behavior. To help your cat be more comfortable it’s best to have something they can stretch their claws in. Cardboard scratching posts will do just fine, but posts can last longer and save more money long-term.

Just like kids, cats also love shipping boxes. This is a cheap and green way to get something new for your cat to play in.


Why won’t my cat use his new scratching post?

Cats can be picky. They may need a little guidance to learn to love their new toy.

How do I attract my cat to a scratching post?

You can try sprinkling catnip, engaging with playing around the post (cats love laser lights), leave treats on top of the post, or put the post on its side. If your cat is scratching your couch or furniture, try placing the post by this spot.

What to do with an old cat tree?

You can re-purpose it and transform it to brand new by replacing the carpet and sisal rope. You can re-use the wood for a shelf or other projects. Or you can post it for free for someone else to pick up and enjoy. If all those options are not favorable, then cat trees can easily be dissembled to put in the trash. most parts are connected by a bolt.

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