Where to Put Cat Litter Box in Small Apartment

Whether you are moving to a new apartment with your lifelong companion cat or taking home a new cat to your apartment, tending to their needs will be a huge part of planning your life together. That of which includes where to put their cat trees, cat beds, and of course, cat litter box.

Cat litter boxes are the most complained behavioural concern to vets. It is also for the same reason that some cat owners give up their cats. This would not be a surprise especially to apartment dwellers who share the small space with their cats.

Indeed, it can be a challenging situation for cat owners. But, with the cat litter box positioned strategically, we bet you and your cat will live together for a long time.

Cat Litter Boxes – How Much Do You Need?

Before thinking about where to put the cat litter box, understand just how many boxes you need. Is one enough? If it is not, will you be able to house two?

By rule of thumb, one cat should have one plus extra litter box. Jackson Galaxy, the host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell suggests that new cat owners have at least 1.5 cat litter boxes per cat. That means, if you have one cat, you need two litter boxes, two cats, three litter boxes.

In reality, you can really get away with having just one litter box in a small apartment, if you clean it frequently. Or else, you really should get a second cat litter box. The extra is just to make sure that the cat has somewhere to go if they find the first one unclean.

Finding that perfect spot for the cat litter box, especially if you have multiple cats can get difficult. You can go with fewer litter boxes, but you have to be sure to sift once in the morning and once in the evening.

Or, if you find cleaning twice a day, such a chore, you may invest in a self-cleaning litter box. Such boxes clean up right after each cat’s use. This leaves you spending less time in scooping. Plus, the cat has a clean place to go every time it needs to go.

Spots for Cat Litter Box in a Small Apartment

The limited space in a small apartment will leave you with only a few spots you can put your cat litter boxes. So, be sure you are putting them in strategic spots. We listed down the best locations for you where you can strategically place your cat litter boxes.

The Corner in The Laundry Room

Some apartments may not have a designated laundry room, but if you are lucky to have one, that one corner in it can work. Sure, it will be near your clean clothes, but your clothes won’t be staying too long in the laundry room the absorb any odor. This is also the best spot since it won’t be sitting on a carpet.

The downside is, with cats, you should avoid placing it somewhere with too much noise. Some cats are skittish and the sound of the washer or dryer may prevent them from needing to use their litter box. In this case, the next option is the bathroom.

Next to The Toilet

It’s just perfect sense to put the cat litter box inside your bathroom. After all it is the same business they will do that you have been doing in it, too. Even that tiny space beside or behind the toilet is a great place for it. Although, it can typically only for traditional litter pans since the newer ones have lids that take up more space, height-wise.

The downside is, for cats who are playful and drags toilet paper from the holder. Or, if your toilet is too small to accommodate the size of the cat litter box.

In The Bathroom Cabinet

Most apartment units’ bathrooms have under the bathroom sink ready for a cabinet. Consider this as a unique option by emptying at least a side of it free from the overabundance of toiletries and things you probably don’t need.

Remove the cabinet door and consolidate your bathroom supplies on one side. You should be able to fit a standard-sized cat litter box when you remove the cabinet door. If it is tall enough, you can store a covered litter box to help keep the stench out. Ideal to give your cat their own private bathroom.

In The Linen Closet

Linen closets are obviously for linens, but can also be used for other things like your cat litter box. Usually, there is a small rectangular space on the floor of the closet where the cat litter box can sit perfectly. One that has no carpeted flooring.

You may either remove the door from its hinge or keep it open with a doorstop just so the cat won’t get locked out of their private potty area. Or worst, get locked in.

But, if your linen closet is carpeted, consider putting down some sort of absorbent mat like a micro-fiber rug or special pet mat under and around the box. You may also want to throw in a litter tracking mat in front of the box to keep potential messes and excess litter on the carpet.

In The Garage

Some apartments have accessible garages so that’s another perfect spot to keep the cat litter box out of sight (and smell). If you have a door leading directly to the garage, a pet door can serve as the cat’s access to the garage, too.

This isn’t just giving them a private spot they can use to do their deed but another place where they can focus on their important cat tasks, like sleeping all day.

Should you place a cat litter box in your bedroom?

Your bedroom is a good place for a cat litter box since it’s usually a quiet place. Plus it can smell a familiar scent – your scent. However, smelling the litter box while trying to get a restful night’s sleep may not be to your liking.

Also, as to how they usually say, cats own you so they own your room, too. If it is the same room where they are being fed, be sure to provide the appropriate distance from food and water.

The challenge comes in when you realize you have to keep the bedroom door open at all times. Otherwise, the bedroom door will have too many scratches on it.

If you decide to keep the cat litter box in your bedroom, understand that an open door is critical. First is the access of the cat and second is the smell that will come out of it. You won’t want that smell to be trapped where you sleep. If there is a window you can open, that is better.

You should also consider their bathroom activities such as making noise after eliminating. Most cats bury their waste as an instinctive demeanor. They do this to avoid being detected by predators. Would you be able to sleep through the night when the cat scratches its tray at 3 am?

Can I put a cat litter box in the closet?

If the closet contains clothes, your clothes will end up smelling like cat litter. So an unused closet will be the best option if choosing to put the litter box in the closet. Closets are quiet spaces so it is liking your cat will enjoy this space.

Where are the best places to put a cat litter box?

The laundry room, a second bathroom, or a dark quiet corner. Any space where it’s quiet and your cat will be undisturbed is a great place to put the litter box.

Where Should You Not Put Your Cat Litter Box?

Your first step to determining where to place your cat’s litter box is to find out where not to put it. Some spots in the house are a no-no to cats and you should cross these spots on your list.

Places Where They Can’t Always Get Into

Avoid places where there’s a door that is always closed. You wouldn’t want to leave them out or get them stuck inside.

Rooms Neighbors Can Easily Hear Scratching

Cats are natural diggers. It is part of their instinct to bury their dirt to conceal their scent from predators. You wouldn’t want to disturb your neighbors with your scratching to dig after their business.

Humid Areas

Some litter, especially the organic-based litters have issues growing mold when exposed to too much humidity. There are several negative reviews about mold starting up. This usually happens when the box is in humid areas like the bathroom or places with no proper ventilation.

If there is no other place than the bathroom or the humid space, then it would be nice to get a dehumidifier to get that humidity down when it gets high.

High Traffic Areas

Cats are private creatures. You would not want to disturb them when they are doing their business. Otherwise, they might do their number two in private places – like under your bed. Plus, you also would not like it when they keep track of their litter around.

Less Ventilated Areas

A litter box in a poorly ventilated area leads to one thing – a heck of a lingering odor for you to bear. If cat litter smells bug you big time, your best option is to place the cat litter box near an almost-always open window.

Should we explain more how ventilation can help mitigate lingering litter smells? I guess not.

Check Cat Potty Progress and Adjust

When you’ve finally decided the special place to put the cat litter box, allow for it a few days and see if your cat’s behavior changes. See if they can get in and out of the litter box easily. Is their access not interrupted by laundry, grocery bags, or doors that unknowingly got closed?

If the spot worked out well, then that’s great! If not, it may be better to move the litter box to a more unfailing location. The best way to do that is to gradually move the box to the new location. Do not abruptly change the location and leave the cat looking for the litter box that disappeared.

You can also introduce a new litter box to the new location and allow waste to accumulate in the old spot to make it less attractive. Felines will rather go to a new clean litter box than the old and dirty one they got used too.

Cat Litter Boxes for Small Apartments

Having a cat in a small apartment is possible. It may take you a while to figure out how to fix space-specific matters but you will. Aside from understanding where to place the cat litter box, it is also important to know the litter box that will work for your tiny apartment.

Top Entry Cat Litter Boxes

This is ideal for space-limited places so that you don’t have to put a litter mat around the litter box. As the cat raises himself back up, the tracks get left behind – in the box and not on the floor. Some of the best top entry cat litter boxes are:

Hidden Cat Litter Boxes

Hidden cat litter boxes can save you some space, but not as much as top entry cat litter boxes do. This is because you will need to have litter mats alongside them to keep litter tracks away. If you can work with that, some of the best hidden cat litter boxes are:

Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

Automated Cat Litter Boxes does not save up space by taking up less room, but it keeps you from needing to use a litter mat. And, it helps you reduce the number of cat litter boxes you need as you don’t have to clean it every time. Some of the best automatic cat litter boxes are:

Final Words

Your cat’s potty habits will depend on their surroundings. They may sometimes feel too difficult to understand and that is because no two cats are the same. It doesn’t matter how big or small your apartment is. As long as your cat feels undisturbed, feels comfortable, and has privacy – they are good.

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