Can I feed beets to my pets?Are they good for dogs?

A well-balanced diet of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables is a healthy way of nourishing your four-legged family members. Beets are healthy vegetables that are good for your health but, can I feed beets to my pets? My family loves having dogs around the house. They make the house lively, fun, and I feel … Read more

When to Replace a Cat Scratching Post

Many people ask the question when to replace a cat scratching post? Well, it depends on a few things. Is the post worn out from heavy use, or has come to nothing by water damage or cat pee? Are you able to repair the scratching post with sisal rope or using carpet if you’re a … Read more

Are Beets Keto Friendly?

The aim of being on a keto diet is to limit your intake of carbs to below 30g per day. Beetroot is a below ground veggie rich in numerous benefits but are beetroots keto diet friendly? Beets are high on carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, with low calories and no fat content. On a keto … Read more

Beetroot Benefits for Men: Yes, it Helps with That

Beetroot has gained popularity as a superfood — especially in improving their men’s sexual performance and cardiovascular health. Many beetroot benefits for men include improved physical performance, increased blood flow, and lower blood pressure. Eating more plant foods like beetroot can also decrease health risks you’re exposed to like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Beet … Read more

Best Cat Food for Cats That Throw Up

It is that sound in the middle of the night. The dreaded one that cues you for a mess to clean up in the morning.The sound of your old cat regurgitating… yet again. If your cat is throwing up it might be time to change its diet to a more easy to digest food. Two … Read more

Is it OK to Eat Beets Everyday?

Beetroot has some of the best health benefits. Laxative properties of beetroot help your bowel movement and digestive system function properly. What about consuming them daily? According to WebMD, 70-140 mL of beetroot juice or 7/8 cup of baked beetroot daily has been used to enhance athletic performance. Currently, there are no studies to determine … Read more

7 Benefits of Beetroot for Women

four woman laughing together

There are many positives of beetroot for women that you will find in this sweet vegetable. There are seven benefits for women when eating or using beetroot. Eating beetroot boosts iron during periods, increases libido, helps during pregnancy, supports healthy hair and hair growth, and improves skin glow. While applying beetroot can brighten lips naturally … Read more

Beetroot Juice Before Bed: Do Beets Help Sleep?

woman sleeping on the bed

There are certain foods you eat that can prevent you from falling asleep at night leading to tossing and turning all night long. There is a relationship between beetroot juice and sleep and how beetroot affects your brain activity. Beetroot is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Four of those are calcium, manganese, lycopene, … Read more